$120 off bikes, rowers and more


Since you’ve clicked on this story, there’s a very good chance you’re looking for a new, budget-friendly way to either up the ante of your home fitness setup or change up your cardio routine. Cardio equipment is more popular than ever these days, and many of us are looking for safe, healthy, and convenient ways to get quick workouts right from the comfort of our living rooms or (if you’re lucky!) home gyms.

It’s no secret that home cardio equipment can get expensive. Thankfully, Amazon is lowering the price of Pile of fitness equipment, courtesy of Women’s Health and Men’s Health’s own brand of home fitness equipment. Now through February 15, you can snag deals of up to 22 percent or $120 off our rowing machines (the trendiest new workout, in my opinion), stationary bikes, and even steppers, all of which are at least four stars from Amazon on Amazon reviewers have received .

These are no ordinary cardio machines. If you’ve been considering investing in one of these more expensive home gym machines but have been put off by the price, you’ll love knowing that each of the sweat-inducing machines featured below gives you access to the MyCloud Fitness app from which you can get access hundreds of classes. You can even get personalized training programs. And those of you who love data will appreciate that it even tracks your distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

Below are great cardio equipment deals to score now – have a great workout!

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indoor exercise bike

women’s health men’s health

There’s a reason people have really fallen in love with stationary bikes. It’s a low-impact, full-body workout, and this machine is exceptionally quiet and smooth as possible – so you can be silent Work up a sweat while your partner video calls their boss.


Bluetooth stair stepper with resistance bands

women’s health men’s health

Who says a cardio machine has to take up a lot of space? Just work up a sweat (no matter how small your apartment is) and slip it under the couch when you’re done.

And just because it’s the cheapest item on this list doesn’t mean it lacks quality. Designed to keep joint pain to a minimum, it features adjustable resistance bands to provide some support coupled with strength training as you step in.


Magnetic rowing machine

women’s health men’s health

rowing is total hot right now. If you’re looking to hop on the cardio train, check out this popular option. Magnetic technology ensures you get a smooth hit every time, and it features a whopping 14 resistance levels so you can change up your workout and intensity to suit your body’s needs.


Bluetooth rowing machine with two handles

women’s health men’s health

Anyone looking for an outdoor whitewater adventure on their lunch break? The same, tbh. The two handles on this Bluetooth rowing machine mimic the feel of rowing and also help with your freedom of movement. And remember, it all comes with a guided course offering, so you’ll feel like you’re actually on the water with your instructors while taking advantage of this.

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