2x cash and RP this week

This week’s GTA Online update has provided players with 2x rewards and cash on many missions and activities. Clearly, this has made the majority of the GTA Online fanbase excited as they can now grind through their favorite missions to earn double the rewards and level up even faster.

Out of all the missions with 2x rewards, one set of them clearly stands out as the best one, which is obviously the missions for Casino Work. These missions are a perfect balance of entertainment and challenges, and have been a fan favorite ever since their introduction to GTA Online. With 2x rewards available on them, it’s the perfect time for players to begin their grind.

If there are still players who have no clue about the Casino Work missions, this article will act as their guide and provide them with all the important information they need to start these missions.

GTA Online update: Casino work is giving out 2x RP and Cash this week

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Casino Work is a collection of free mode missions in GTA Online that was introduced with The Diamond Casino & Resort update. To begin these missions, players first need to become a VIP/CEO of an Organization or an MC President and then need to buy a penthouse in the casino to start the Casino Story Missions.

After that, players just need to call Agatha Baker from their contacts and she will start providing players with Casino Work missions. Interestingly, no additional players are required to begin these missions.

However, if a GTA Online player is in an organization or motorcycle club with more than one person, objective vehicles for the right amount of people may be provided depending on the assignment. When on missions, other players in the session are not notified, unlike VIP work. Additionally, there is a three-minute cooldown period before requesting a new mission from Ms. Baker.

List of Casino Work missions in GTA Online


There are a total of 13 missions, and the GTA Online player is assigned one of these at random after calling Ms. Baker and selecting the ‘Request Work’ option as a VIP/CEO or MC President. The following are all the 13 missions players may receive:

  1. Bargaining Chips – To obtain some stolen chips, five targets must be found and then killed or intimidated in the Los Santos area.
  2. Best Laid Plans – A heist crew member must be killed in order to receive a key card, which may then be used to gain entrance to the inside of a semi-random building, where a bunch of foes must be defeated. To provide the locations of four additional nearby targets, the laptop inside must be hacked.
  3. Department of Defense – Professionals stationed south of the casino must be eliminated, followed by a Speedo to a spot where another set of adversaries awaits. They must also be taken out. As the leader uses Ballistic Equipment, caution must be exercised.
  4. Fake News – A white Weazel News Rumpo van must be sought; five potential sites are provided. When the white vehicle is discovered, the reporter must be slain and his wallet stolen.
  5. High Rollin’ – A successful casino visitor must be picked up in a Stretch and transported to the casino. A $10,000 prize will be awarded for driving under 40 miles per hour and without wrecking the vehicle.
  6. Judgment Call – Players need to threaten a judge. The guards must be taken out quietly in order to get close to him.
  7. Lost in Transit – A gang of hostiles intercepts a Stockade. They must be removed and the truck then transported to the casino.
  8. One-Armed Bandits – Players must travel to the Terminal in order to locate a shipping container with a certain code printed on it. The area is patrolled by enemies on foot and in Caracaras, therefore stealth is advised. Once the container has been located, it should be delivered to the casino via a Skylift.
  9. Recovery Time – Players must pick up a casino guest’s car from the police impound lot or Vagos control.
  10. Safe Bet – Players must protect an NPC-driven Stockade from hostile NPCs pursuing it until it reaches the casino.
  11. Severance – Players must attend to the home of a casino (ex-)dealer since he stole chips and is attempting to flee on a Sanchez. On their route to LSIA, players must pursue and kill him. The chips that were dropped must be returned to the casino.
  12. Undisclosed Cargo – Players must drive a car from the casino to a hidden spot on the map while carrying a dead body. Police have placed up lookouts along the route; failing to escape their cones of vision will result in mission failure.
  13. When the Chips are Down – Players must eliminate a gang of hostiles who run a counterfeit chip factory before destroying their machinery.

Secret Casino Work missions in GTA Online


Many GTA Online players may already know this, but for the uninformed, there are three secret missions that can only be started once certain conditions are met. The following are all of those three secret missions and how to start them:

  1. Damage Control – Randomly triggered after consuming a shot of Macbeth whiskey in the casino’s bar. A Mule taken by the player must be driven back to the casino from Blaine County.
  2. Under the Influence – Has a chance of being triggered after being intoxicated, heading outside, and asking Ms. Baker for a job. Players must collect and deliver a car for a customer; the player will not be able to sober up until the vehicle has been delivered.
  3. Tour de Force – This mission can be triggered only after certain prerequisites have been met: all casino story missions must be completed, ten real-world hours must have passed since starting another Casino Work mission, and the player must be a CEO/VIP or MC President, the player must be inside the casino, Master Penthouse, or Penthouse Garage, and the player must have never refused a Casino Work mission before that point. In a Swift Deluxe, the player must take a customer on a tour of the city.

All of these GTA Online casino work missions will not take longer than 5-15 minutes if nothing goes wrong and normally for each mission, players are rewarded with $5000 to $10,000, but with 2x rewards available this week, they will get at least $20,000 per mission, which is pretty great especially with 2x RP combined with it.

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