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“Coming back from a year without sport has definitely changed my performance. I think I could have done better, especially if I had been consistent in training. As for my goals during the season, of course I tried to get a new PR, but I also tried to break the school record in the shot put. “

With no exercises and fewer meetings that spring, Ohman devoted the extra free time to getting her GPA as high as possible.

“Focusing on school without having a track in my routine definitely felt different in the beginning because I usually went to school right after training,” she said. “But over time, I think it worked for me because I could focus more on school, which resulted in my getting a GPA of 4.0.”

She might not have been as competitive in the classroom if she hadn’t been competitive and disciplined as a thrower.

“Track helped me motivate myself in the classroom and build self-confidence as a person because participating in the track showed me that I will always change for the better and that I will always get through situations, no matter how difficult,” she said said. “When I got on track my first year, didn’t know anything and then got better from year to year, it really showed me what I am capable of.”

Stroughter is a member of the Halls of Fame at Vallejo High, Contra Costa College, and the British American Football League. In the latter, he played for the Nottingham Hoods in the summer of 1986 and ran 3,104 yards and 51 touchdowns that season – numbers that put him in the Guinness Book of Records. He played for the Chargers in the late 1980s and early 1990s when they were in San Diego.

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