Beavers end busy Saturday at Dexter Lake

DEXTER, Ore.— The Oregon State’s No. 18 men’s rowing team wrapped up a grueling day of rowing at Dexter Lake on Saturday. The Beavers came up short in their duel with No. 10 Stanford while also competing against numerous other boats in the Collegiate Covered Bridge Regatta.

“The ‘X in = X out’ cliché equation of training where what you put in off-season comes out as boat speed in season is out of whack right now,” said the Oregon State head coach Gab Winkler. “You have worked incredibly hard over the past eight months. I’ve seen them go to the fountain daily and keep improving, always looking for more. I believe in them and I believe they are pretty fast. Stanford is really fast at it too. Such is life in the Pac-12. So if you need more boat speed, you need to drive X+1. We will do that in the second half of the season.”

The Oregon State Varsity 8 placed behind Stanford in 6:05.8. The JV8 also finished 6:17.1 behind the Cardinal.

The Beavers’ 3V8 finished third in a varsity 8 race in the afternoon. The Oregon State Novice/Freshman 8 placed first in his race and beat second place in western Washington in that event.

Oregon State entered the Varsity 4 with four boats, three of which finished in the top three places in their heat. The winning boat was the Oregon State A-boat and helmsman Mateo Olmedo, Grant Hemingway, Ryan Ramsey, Christian Tohey and Samuel Silberstein.

The Beavers travel to the East Coast on April 29 to face off against Cornell and Georgetown in their last event before hosting the Pac-12 championships in May.


Uni 8:
State of Oregon – 6:05.8

State of Oregon—6:17.1

Washington State (V8) – 6:08.1
UC Davis (V8) – 6:13.1
Oregon State – 6:18.4
Western Washington (V8) – 6:36.8

Beginner/Fresh 8:
Oregon State – 6:38.8
Western Washington A – 6:51.5
Washington State A – 6:59.1

Varsity 4 Race A:
Oregon State A – 6:53.4
Oregon State B – 7:03.5
State of Oregon C – 7:06.9
Western Washington A – 7:26.6
UC Davis A – 7:33.5
UC Davis B-7:37.3

Varsity 4 Race B:
Oregon State D – 7:47.9
Western Washington B – 8:09.6
Lewis & Clark—8:11.1
Chico State – 8:50.8

Oregon State Lineups:

Uni 8:
Cox: Ethan deBorja
8th: Dylan Stengel
7: Ryan Ghalayini
6: Tristan Gavin
5: Kal Labonski
4: Jackson Mastorilli
3: Ryan Coulter
2: Nils Patrick
1: Colin Lindquist

Cox: Drew Rivialo
8th: Andrew Balsbaugh
7: Philip Seeger
6: Brian Tames
5: Nathan Purzer
4: Tristin Vanderlind
3: Connor Aschbach
2: William LaFond
1: Ben LaFond

Cox: Lidya Acar
8th: Tanner Mathews
7: Aiden Susak
6: Isaac Connelly
5: Kai Geller
4: Matty Shepherd
3: Miles Cochran
2: Patrick McIntee
1: Land Acosta

University 4 #1:
Cox: Mateo Olmedo
4: Grant Hemingway
3: Ryan Ramsey
2: Christian Tohey
1: Samuel Silberstein

Uni 4 #2:
Cox: Ethan deBorja
4: Nils Patrick
3: Ryan Ghalayini
2: Tristan Gavin
1: Ryan Coulter

University 4 #3:
Cox: Drew Rivialo
4: Andrew Balsbaugh
3: Kal Labonski
2: Brian Tames
1: Colin Lindquist

Uni 4 #4:
Cox: Braeden Boehlecke
4: 2: William LaFond
3: Ben LaFond
2: Nathan Purzer
1: Tristin Vanderlind

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