Beavers Pass Zags – Oregon State University Athletics

LAKE DEXTERS – The Oregon State men’s rowing team defeated Gonzaga on Dexter Lake on Saturday morning as the two sides battled through the rain.

The Beavers’ varsity 8 passed the Zags by five seconds to clock 6:05.3.

“I call this the epitome of ‘Oregon conditions’: 43 degrees, rain, with a backdrop of rolling mountains. In other words, perfect,” said the Oregon State head coach Gab Winkler. “Those were close races. Gonzaga is looking strong this year but we’ve been fighting our way forward in well-executed plays in all boats. Spring break is next week and we’ll be putting in plenty of punches to find even more speed.”

Oregon State’s Varsity 8 consisted of Ethan deBorja, Andrew Balsbaugh, Ryan Ghalayini, Brian Tames, Colin Lindquist, Tristan Gavin , Kal Labonski, Nils Patrick and Ryan Coulter.

The Beavers’ JV8 was also victorious, defeating Gonzaga in 6:17.9. Oregon State’s 3V8 and 4V8 took first and second place, respectively, in the third race of the day, beating the Zag 3V8.

Oregon State meets Washington on April 2 in Seattle.


Uni 8:

State of Oregon – 6:05.3


Oregon State – 6:17.9
Gonzaga: 6:22,6


Oregon State 3V – 6:48.0
Oregon State 4V – 6:49.6

Oregon State Lineups:

University 8:

C: Ethan deBorja

8th: Andrew Balsbaugh

7: Ryan Ghalayini

6: Brian Tames

5: Colin Lindquist

4: Tristan Gavin

3: Kal Labonski

2: Nils Patrick

1: Ryan Coulter

Youth University 8:

C: Lidya Acar

8th: Dylan Stengel

7: Philip Seeger

6: Matty Shepherd

5: Kai Geller

4: Tristin Vanderlind

3: Nathan Purzer

2: William LaFond

1: Ben LaFond

3-Uni 8:

C: Mateo Olmedo

8th: Chad Lee

7: Aiden Susak

6: Evan Hankins-Hull

5: Tanner Mathews

4: Connor Aschbach

3: Jackson Mastorilli

2: Patrick McIntee

1: Land Acosta

4-Uni 8:

C: Drew Rivialo

8th: Chris Neihoff

7: Jack Ogan

6: Isaac Connelly

5: Miles Cochran

4: Ryan Ramsey

3: Eric Tubby

2: Christian Tohey

1: Samuel Silberstein


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