BOA Endure earns NSF Certified for Sport designation

BOA Endure, BOA Nutrition’s fast hydration oral aerosol, was recently certified by the NSF Certified for Sport Program. NSF is a global public health organization that tests and certifies products to protect athletes and consumers from potentially harmful ingredients and banned substances in dietary supplements.

Launched in 2020, the BOA brand was developed in collaboration with sports training and sports nutrition experts at Duke University. “Endure, the first ingestible aerosol, uses proprietary OraBlast technology to deliver the same amount of sodium as a full 12-ounce sports drink in a two-second spray.”

“The burst of aerosol, which is quickly absorbed by the body, can help athletes hydrate up to 10 times faster than liquids, powders, pills, gels or sticks. Endure protects athletes from the ‘sodium gap’, where fluids can no longer effectively hydrate cells, leading to muscle fatigue, cramps and other hydration-related issues.’

The NSF Certified for Sport designation means a significant expansion of the market opportunities for BOA Endure. MLB, NHL, and CFL clubs offer and recommend products that are certified for the sport, and players are urged to use only those certified products. Certification is also recommended by the NFL, PGA, LPGA, and other professional sports organizations, and is required by many NCAA Division 1 athletics programs for all athletic supplements.

“We are thrilled to have received this important certification,” said Jon Pritchett, CEO of BOA Nutrition. “BOA Endure was ultimately developed to help athletes perform at their best by helping delay the onset of fatigue and other issues that result from dehydration. Earning NSF’s Certified for Sport certification opens many doors to reach athletes and helps BOA continue to change the game in sports nutrition and hydration.”

The Certified for Sport protocol includes testing for 280 substances prohibited in sport, as well as levels of potentially harmful contaminants such as lead and arsenic. Product formulation, label claims and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance are also verified as part of this rigorous dietary supplement certification program. Certification adds BOA Endure to NSF’s online list of certified products and the Certified for Sport app.

“NSF welcomes BOA Endure to the Certified for Sport program,” said David Trosin, Managing Director, Health Sciences Certification at NSF. “NSF is committed to protecting and improving human health around the world. By meeting our rigorous Certified for Sport requirements, BOA Nutrition demonstrates its commitment to clean sport, quality, safety and good manufacturing practices.”

In addition to Endure, BOA is developing a number of new product applications utilizing OraBlast technology to provide specific benefits to competitive athletes and everyday consumers.

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