Branford Star Student Athlete Antonio shines on and off the field

BRANFORD, CT – We all know student athletes who take their A-game to other areas of their lives.

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This submission is from Paul Lynk, who nominated Antonio of Branford.

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He is my son

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Antonio is a great student athlete. He is a High Honors student at Branford High School, where he is currently a sophomore in the graduating class of 2025. He is committed to his academics and genuinely enjoys science and chemistry. When the pandemic hit and everyone was homeschooling, he was still thriving, receiving an award for excellence in language arts as well as an award for excellence in dedicated distance learning. He is very interested in athletic training (baseball-specific strength training) and nutrition. Antonio volunteered with the Branford Little League this summer to help out and share his passion for baseball with the younger kids at Branford baseball camp. Antonio is very humble, outgoing and always willing to help anyone with anything. Antonio played varsity baseball at Branford High School as a freshman and won Rookie of the Year. Well liked by his classmates and teachers, Antonio strives to be a great friend, teammate and student. He is a very good, kind-hearted boy who, despite all his achievements, remains humble and supports his fellow students and teammates. He’s a great student athlete who works hard at everything he does. He definitely deserves recognition as an outstanding student athlete.

What should everyone know about the star student athlete?

One thing everyone should know about Antonio is that he never cuts corners. He gets the job done, whether in the classroom or in the field. He knows that excellence on and off the field only comes with hard work, training and dedication. His academics always come first. He says that you are a student first. Then an athlete. He’s very respectful and polite to everyone, and he’s always willing to go the extra mile. He’s a great kid!

Keep it up Antonio!

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