BU wins the 2020-2121 Patriot League Presidential Cup



BETHLEHEM, Pa. – After winning three conference championships, Boston University has recaptured the Patriot League Women’s Presidents’ Cup, its fifth title in eight years.

Women’s cross country, women’s tennis and softball crowned historic seasons by winning Patriot League titles to help the Terriers top the women’s leaderboard with 71 points. BU also had a trio of runner-ups. The field hockey team reached their seventh Patriot League title game in eight seasons after completing an undefeated regular season, while the women’s basketball team also hosted the conference final, reaching that game for the first time since joining the Patriot League in 2013-14. In addition, the golf team crowned a successful regular season with second place in the Patriot League Championship.

The women’s soccer team won the Patriot League North Division and hosted a Patriot League semifinal fourth at its conference meeting.

BU finished third overall with 101 points, just four ahead of Bucknell’s second place, and Navy won the seventh consecutive Patriot League Presidents’ Cup with 107.2 points.

The Patriot League Presidents’ Cup is awarded to the member institution with the highest accumulated sports points for their Patriot League rating in sponsored men’s and women’s sports. Points are awarded based on a combination of an institution’s regular season and tournament results in each sport.

Final result of the Presidential Cup of the Patriot League 2020-21
(Number of sports in the Patriot League in brackets)
A total of
1st Navy, 107.25 (21)
2nd Army West Point, 104 (20)
3. Boston University, 101 (20)
4. Bucknell, 100 (24)
5. Lehigh, 92.75 (24)
6. Colgate, 76 (22)
7. Lafayette 69.25 (22)
8. Loyola Maryland, 65.5 (17)
9. Holy Cross, 63.5 (24)
10. American, 48.25 (15)

1st Army West Point, 50 (10)
2nd Navy 48.75 (10)
3. Bucknell, 41.25 (11)
4. Lafayette, 43 (11)
5. Lehigh, 40.5 (11)
6. Loyola Maryland, 33.75 (7)
7. Colgate, 31.25 (10)
8. Boston University, 30 (8)
9. Holy Cross, 27.75 (11)
10. Americans, 21 (6)

1. Boston University, 71 (12)
2. Bucknell, 58.75 (13)
3. Marine, 58.5 (11)
4th Army West Point, 54 (10)
5. Lehigh, 52.25 (13)
6. Colgate, 44.75 (12)
7. Holy Cross, 35.75 (13)
8. Loyola Maryland, 31.75 (10)
9. American, 27.25 (9)
10. Lafayette, 26.25 (11)

In its fourth decade of academic and athletic achievements, the Patriot League continues to demonstrate that student athletes can excel in both academic and athletics without sacrificing high standards. The Patriot League’s sporting success is achieved while its member institutions remain committed to their founding principle of admitting and graduating student-athletes who are academically representative of their class. Participation in athletics in institutions of the Patriot League is seen as an important part of a well-rounded education.


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