Credit Card Without Annuity – Loan against Card

Credit card with no annual fees or no extra charges with annual fees? Does it even exist or have the possibility of being able to join cards without annual collection that is practical, safe and even for the negatives? There was a time to get a credit card, the customer should be very special, have a reasonable income and have an impeccable name, and with all of this, would have to pay the annuity fee that no doubt were the look of the face.

So the best ways to get some discount or get rid of this charge to keep your Credit Card without annuity was to try to negotiate with the bank or the card company. It is true that the odds were few, however, depending on the client, the institutions would give in for at least a year without charging.

Credit card without annuity!

To have a non-annuity card does not depend much on the customer but rather on the card administrator who can be a bank, financial institution and even general trade and flag stores. That is, if you want a Credit Card without annuity, that is, without the collection of the annuity fee, look for companies that offer it.

Negotiate Exemption from Annuity Fee

 Negotiate Exemption from Annuity Fee

It is worth mentioning that the Channy Bank of Brazil (BC), the highest body that makes all the necessary regulations in the financial market and governments all the private and public banks in the country, does not prohibit the collection of the fee. In general the payment can be chosen in cash or in up to 10 equal and monthly installments.

Negotiating for exemption from the annuity fee charged on the card is not a difficult task but should be carried out with wisdom and insight. It has a saying: “The customer is always right”, however, although we are at an advantage, this negotiation does not always work.

If it happens, the manager, if it is a bank, will at least try to make a bargain between insurance or capitalization, oops! Not always this bargain happens – only in isolated cases!

In any case, whatever your credit card, brand, flag or administrator, if you really want to end the annuity, talk to the responsible service sector, please inform:

  • You do not make use of the benefits of the card.
  • Want to keep the card but without paying the fee.
  • You want the annuity exemption if possible.
  • If there is no agreement you want to cancel the card.

What are the grounds for requesting annuity cancellation?

– The volume of monthly expenses with purchases and payments with card is considerable.
– You have found better options that offer zero annuity.
– You have a good relationship and credit history.
– You have other additional cards being charged.

How to get credit card without annuity fee?

Credit card users love the security, comfort and convenience that their cards offer, it is practical and quick to make purchases and payments, both in real stores and in stores on the Internet, including on international websites.

For those who use rewards credit cards can earn a lot of valuable points, miles, smiles, multiplus and even money back in exchange for their loyalty.

Having a credit card has its advantages and disadvantages, a single nasty part in the cards and universally hated are the annuity fees or annual fees. While there are many credit cards without annual fees, in general, annual fees between $ 50 and $ 500 or more than this amount are charged.

Fortunately, there are several options for credit card users to escape payment and stay with your credit card without annuity with the same benefits and advantages of the most competitive and exclusive credit cards.

Below we list the main cards that can be ordered and purchased without annuity, others totally free and with excellent advantages. Are they:

Top 10 Credit Cards Without Annuity

 Top 10 Credit Cards Without Annuity

  • BMG Card: This modality of Credit Card without annuity is especially directed to employees and civil servants, withdrawals and pensioners of the INSS. The BMG Card is awarded on the Mastercard banner, is an international card, and does not charge the conventional annuity fee. The credit limit released on the card for public servants is up to 2.5 times the salary received on the payroll, for withdrawals and pensioners is up to 25 times the amount available on the payroll.
  • Original Bank Card: The Original Bank Card is one of the most known for its unique advantages, the card is without annuity and can be used internationally. That credit card is one of the few who gives money back in the “Original Cashback Program.” That is, part of the money spent on purchases is returned to its customers.
  • Inter Bank Card: Inter Bank is the new name of Intermedium Bank, renowned for its operations in the payroll loan market. The Inter credit card is international, does not charge annuity, has only the MasterCard flag, it is released to customers and account holders. To order yours, just open a digital account online at the bank, using the official website or the application for Android or iOS. All information on the Inter card without annuity is done online by the site or by the application on your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.
  • Credicard Zero Card: It is also a credit card that does not charge annuity, and still offers several benefits to users. With the card it is possible to have discounts Uber, on the website of and numerous online stores and commerce. The well-known Netshoes, the stores Magazine Luiza and the Extra. Card management is done with a mobile application.
  • Digio Card: This card is almost twin with the Nubank card line of credit. The main difference is that the Digio is issued by the CBSS bank. With the Digio non-annuity card, you have immediate access to thousands of establishments in Brazil and worldwide. As the application of the card it is possible to perform dozens of operations.
  • Neon Card: Neon Bank was born with a different proposal, the card is 100% digital, it is fully integrated with your mobile phone or smartphone. Like the other cards already mentioned, the Neon Card does not charge annual fees from its customers. For those who want to acquire the “Neon without annuity” is necessary as the “Inter Card”, open a digital account in the bank. The card works in conjunction with the 100% digital Neon account, and has no maintenance fee.
  • MyPag Card: A pag! is one of the newest Fintechs that have emerged, it is part of the Avista Group. With the pag! p card user can easily carry out account payments, transfer financial resources, make deposits, take money through withdrawals in Banco24Hours network and recharge cellular among others.
  • Nubank Card: With more than 1 million customers and growing each month, Nubank Card has won the consumer preference thanks to the balcony offering exactly what the customer needs most. In addition to having the Mastercard banner and being a “credit card without International Annuity” the user still has a complete digital account free of various rates. The management of expenses and expenses with the card, is real-time made entirely via application on the phone, smartphone or tablet.
  • Santander Free Card: This Santander card differs from the others at one point, it is not totally a card without annuity, so have this benefit at Santander Free, the holder or additional this conditions to a minimum limit of monthly expenses. The amount is virtually symbolic, from $ 100 per month. Both bank customers and non-customers can apply.
  • Saraiva Card: This is one of the oldest and most popular cards in Brazil. Well known for offering unique and differentiated benefits, it has a higher limit than the others and does not charge an annuity fee. The card comes only in the Visa version, does not require proof of income or consultation to SPC and Serasa. To further improve, the Saraiva card has one of the best points accumulation programs. The Saraiva customer also has special discounts, offers and promotions on Saraiva’s website and in the agreed stores.

What are the fees charged on credit cards?

 What are the fees charged on credit cards?

It is notorious that having one or more credit cards brings some facilities to its holder, whether it is to shop in the physical stores or in the online stores scattered over the Internet. But there is a problem that does not go unnoticed: they are the additional fees and charges.

Check out the five common rates charged on the cards.

By using a credit card on a day to day basis, the consumer is able to handle spending, spending, and manage finances more easily by driving more financial planning more effectively.

How to make the credit card work for you?

 How to make the credit card work for you?

For many people using credit card power a real shot in the foot instead of helping can bring terrible financial problems but for people who know how to use it the card serves as a great ally to work in your favor.

This is not an infallible recipe, but by following these tips, you will be able to use your card properly:

Have a financial planning: For everything in life you need well defined financial or strategic planning. Not to mention that being organized helps to achieve goals and objectives.

Use only a portion of the income: Using the card is imperative, however, it is not a good use for all expenses, payments and expenses. Try to balance the “income verses spent”, do not use more than 30 to 40% of the card limit.

Keep your expenses down: Nowadays it’s not hard to keep your budget under control, there are dozens of spending spreadsheets and apps for Android and iOS, write down all your spending, so it’s easier to track income, spending, and the control.

Limit the number of cards: Having many credit cards is usually not a good strategy to get the most out of the benefits and advantages. Having one or two cards is enough to keep the finances running in perfect order. In addition to reducing administrative costs like annuity and interest with the rotary, avoid spending more than you can afford.

5 rates charged on the most common credit card

 5 rates charged on the most common credit card

Many annuities sound like great Funders, but there are hidden fees often Do que que can reduce the profits the annuity pays, so buyers shouldnt stay alert.

1. Annuity rate

The annuity rate of the card is undoubtedly the most expensive maintenance cost in this type of credit. The annuity is a charge made by most of the card operators and administrators. Each institution charges a specific amount depending on the type of card and the more benefits attached to the card, the higher the annual fee charged for acquiring it.

It will take an hour for the user to bother with this charge, if that is your case at the moment, know that many institutions accept to negotiate, this way you get your card without an annual fee and still maintain the special benefits and advantages.

If you still have a credit card with annuity, review above the top 10 cards that do not charge you annually.

2. Card service charge

Usually credit cards have a default limit for purchases and payments and a limit for cash withdrawal. This limit works the same way as the bank account limit, except that the user card has up to 45 to return to the bank or credit institution.

Every credit card has a withdrawal limit, however, the interest rates applied in each operation are very high. The cost is around 15% plus IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) and other additional fees.

When picking up at the ATM about $ 1000 in service for the card, on average the expenses will be around $ 400 already added taxes and extra charges. So, if you need to borrow money for any emergency whatsoever, decide for a personal loan or payroll loan.

3. Card duplicate fee

Losing the card or having it stolen are commonplace happening. But if one of two things happens, the financial institution or administrator can charge a fee to issue the duplicate of the card.

The amounts charged for issuing the duplicate will vary according to the bank, type of card and responsibilities.

Tip: When you lose or have your card stolen, ask for the card lock immediately, then record an event report before you request the duplicate.

4. Emergency limit increase rate

This is a fee that is often not worth paying; in general, it is charged when trying to make a purchase, the amount used plus the new purchase will burst the card limit, depending on your history the bank releases the purchase but charges a limit increase rate.

This fee can bring a number of extra costs to your future billing of your card. If you need more limit on the card to make a purchase, ask the increase to the bank or institution and wait for the evaluation of the order.

5. Invoice payment rate

Spending too much on the credit card happens to anyone, sometimes lacking the money to pay the total monthly bill. If this happens, the user has the possibility to pay the future in monthly payments.

Although it seems to be a great deal, stay tuned, the company that manages the card will charge interest rates to carry out the installment payment.

When requesting to pay the monthly invoice, in addition to the total amount due, IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) will be added.

Is It Worth Having A Credit Card Without Annuity?

 Is It Worth Having A Credit Card Without Annuity?

All credit cards are worth it when used intelligently. As for credit cards without consultation or without annuity are not always advantageous – choose wisely which one to use.

In addition to the 10 cards listed in this article, research that there are many excellent value-for-money credit cards that even justify paying the annuity in some cases.