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Whenever we hear about credit cards, we often hear talk in airline miles. But, what are credit cards with airline miles? Compareloaner clarifies it and gives you tips on how to use these miles, which in the end are advantages associated with your credit card.

Let’s start by clarifying the concept of air miles: they are a kind of “points” offered by airlines through their loyalty programs. These miles may possibly be exchanged for airline tickets or other benefits offered by airlines.


But what does it have to do with credit cards?


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To distinguish themselves, credit card issuers offer a variety of benefits to their customers, and given the usefulness of a travel credit card, synergies have been captured by offering miles depending on the use of the credit card.

Generally, airline miles are accrued using the card in the various purchases made, and when you reach a certain amount of miles, you can exchange them for airfare, upgrades (for example, changing a ticket in economy class to first class) or even for privileged products and services, such as having priority at check-in or access to airport lounges.

Airline Credit Cards: How Do They Work?


Airline Credit Cards: How Do They Work?

Airlines have loyalty programs where passengers who join the program earn points (or miles) each time they travel in that company. The number of miles earned on each trip is directly related to the distance traveled and the class traveled (economy, business or first class).

As a rule, the operation of these programs ensures that for each mile flown (one mile corresponds to approximately 1,600 meters), the customer receives a mile that he can accumulate in his account up to a certain amount, and then he can exchange for air tickets. Therefore, if you fly 1,600 km, at the end of that trip you will have a thousand miles accumulated.

On the other hand, credit card issuers have partnered with airlines where they offer miles for every euro spent on the credit card. This is a way to retain customers and differentiate credit cards in the market.

Imagine going to the grocery store (or a pharmacy or bookstore) and paying for your purchases with your credit card. This amount is converted into points on the card that can be redeemed for airline miles. The amount of the conversion depends on bank to bank.

By analyzing which cards guarantee the highest number of miles with lower interest rates and annuities, we have concluded that the Best Gold American Express Card, the NB Green Card and the Premium Travel Card are good choices.


Compare credit cards


Compare credit cards

If you travel frequently, have you seen how many benefits you can have if you join a credit card mileage program? It not only earns miles every time you travel, but also every time you go to the supermarket. It saves time and, above all, a lot of money.

Whether it is work or leisure, it is increasingly easy and economical to travel, primarily through the discounts offered by airline miles programs. If you like to travel, a credit card with these benefits may be a good solution.

For example, imagine spending a thousand euros a month on your credit card, which offers two thousand miles a year. After two years you can claim four thousand miles and take advantage of them for a trip you have in mind.

If you feel like starting to take full advantage of the benefits of credit cards with airline miles, look here for the card that best suits your needs.