Creighton Athletics is hosting the fourth edition of The Billy’s

OMAHA, Neb. – Creighton Athletics celebrated their best individual and team performances of the past year with the return of The Billy’s on Monday night. It was the fourth edition of The Billy’s to be held in person for the first time since 2019, after the 2020 event was held virtually due to COVID-19. The event did not take place last spring.

The event featured 30 awards, including 14 True Blue Awards, which helped recognize one student-athlete from each roster who demonstrated the values ​​of resilience, good character, selflessness, humility, discipline, dedication, determination, dependability, culture and a team first attitude embodied .

The awards ceremony was moderated by Paul Kruse, Rachael Saunders, Callum Watson and Jaela Zimmerman as moderators, while Ana Bellinghausen conducted interviews on the “blue” carpet in the run-up to the event. All four presenters are current student-athletes at Creighton.

CU also recognized Female and Male Rookie of the Year (Volleyball’s Norah Sis and Men’s Basketball’s Ryan Nembhard), Female and Male Comeback Kid (Women’s Basketball’s Tatum Rembao and Baseball’s Luke Fitzgerald) and Female and Male Muscle & Hustle Award (Rowing’s Gretchen Strobbe and baseball player Alan Roden).

Norah Sis (Volleyball) was named Sportswoman of the Year and Diego Gutierrez (Men’s Soccer) was named Sportsman of the Year.

The Carl M. Reinert, SJ, Female and Male Scholar Athletes of the Year were recognized for both 2021 and 2022. Temi Carda (women’s basketball) and Paul Kruse (men’s soccer) were named the 2021 honorees, while Jaela Zimmerman (volleyball) and Stratton Brown (tennis) brought home the 2022 recognition.

Three team prizes were also awarded at the Billy’s. The best team GPAs for both men’s (golf) and women’s (golf) received the Team Academic Awards. The women’s basketball program was recognized as Team of the Year.

Game of the Year, voted for by the student-athletes themselves, went to women’s basketball’s Lauren Jensen for her game-winning three-pointer to win 8th-ranked Iowa and help the Bluejays hit their first Sweet 16.

The Billy’s will honor the 2020-21 accomplishments of the Creighton teams in baseball, golf, rowing, softball and tennis, as well as the 2021-22 achievements in basketball, cross country, soccer and volleyball.

Each program also had a True Blue Award winner, whose winners are listed below.


2021-22 The Billy’s – Award winners
Female Rookie of the Year:
Norah Sis, Volleyball
Male Rookie of the Year: Ryan Nembhard, men’s basketball
Female Comeback Child: Tatum Rembao, women’s basketball
Male Comeback Child: Luke Fitzgerald, baseball
Female Muscle & Hustle Awards: Gretchen Strobbe, rowing
Male Muscle & Hustle Award: Alan RodenBaseball
Academic Prize for Female Teams: Golf (3.84 GPA)
Academic award for male team: Golf (3.76 GPA)
Award Team of the Year: Women’s Basketball
Female Athlete of the Year Award: Norah Sis, Volleyball
Male Athlete of the Year Award: Diego Gutierrez, men’s soccer
2020-21 Carl M. Reinert, SJ, Female Athlete of the Year: Temi Carda, women’s basketball
2020-21 Carl M. Reinert, SJ, Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Paul Kruse, Men’s Soccer
2021-22 Carl M. Reinert, SJ, Female Athlete of the Year: Jaela Zimmerman, volleyball
2021-22 Carl M. Reinert, SJ, Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Stratton Brown, men’s tennis
Play the year: Lauren Jensen (women’s basketball) wins the basket to beat Iowa

True Blue awards
Jack Grace

Men’s Basketball: Ryan Hawkins

Women’s Basketball: Tatum Rembao

Men’s cross-country skiing: Jackson Stomper

Cross country women: Marguerite Hendrickson

Men’s Golf: NateVontz

Ladies Golf: Katie Allen

Rowing: Gretchen Strobbe

Men’s Soccer: Duncan McGuire

Women’s Soccer: Peighton Steffen

soft ball: Kate Mullally

Men’s tennis: Casey Ross

Women’s tennis: Kate Krueger

Volleyball: Jaela Zimmerman

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