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KINGSPORT – Kingsport’s Dobyns-Bennett High School has received national recognition as a Program of Excellence from the National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) for 2022-2025.

According to a press release from Kingsport City Schools, the award recognizes high school strength and conditioning programs that are run at the highest level of professionalism.

To earn this honor, DB has demonstrated excellence in safety, quality, effectiveness, reach and prominence.

The winners have also demonstrated excellence in continuing education and the use of technology in their strength and conditioning programs.

Zack flemingStrength and Conditioning Coach at Dobyns-Bennett High School

“This award is exemplary for Zack Fleming and Danielle Luethke,” said Frankie DeBusk, DB Sports Director. “Both work to the highest level of professionalism and take great pride in the strength and conditioning program at Dobyns-Bennett. Very deserved.”

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Dobyns-Bennett will be honored at the NHSSCA National Conference in Nashville on June 24-25.

“Our strength and conditioning program has grown significantly since we began working with our entire athletic department in 2015,” said DB strength and conditioning coach Zack Fleming. “The ‘excellence’ of our program is a direct reflection of the support we have received from our athletes, coaches and administration. Thanks to our team of athletic trainers, sports physicians, nutritionists and assistant trainer Danielle Luethke, we can respond individually to the needs of our athletes. It’s a total team effort.”

Danielle Luethke

Danielle LuethkeDobyns-Bennett High School Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

“We are honored to recognize Dobyns-Bennett High School as a program of excellence and look forward to the impact its strength and conditioning program can have on the lives of its student-athletes,” said an NHSSCA press release.

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For more information on the NHSSCA Excellence Program, visit www.nhssca.us.

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