Devon Allen demonstrates world-class speed on game-winning TD

Quarterback Reid Sinnett threw a powerful 55-yard ball down the middle to rookie wide receiver Devon Allen, who blew past Cleveland cornerbacks Lavert Hill and Herb Miller at Olympic speed for a touchdown.

His celebration? A tribute to his professional track and field career – he got in shape and ran hurdles.

It was an achievement to which head coach Nick Sirianni replied: “Hey, we’ve got to give you a new celebration because you’re a footballer now.”

Sirianni’s reaction echoes Devon Allen’s recent move from Olympic 110-meter hurdler to Eagles wide receiver – the catch was one of his first opportunities to showcase his world-class skills on the professional football stage.

“We had designed it and security was trying to cut on the over route so there was nobody back there – and he’s faster. He’s the fastest man on the planet,” Sinnett told the game.

The game-winning result proved that his pace could translate into game productivity at the league level. Once the game ended with a Jake Elliott kick, it gave the Eagles a 21-20 lead, where it stayed until the end of the game.

The close was Sinnett’s first of the game, and the catch and result were Allen’s first of the preseason — and of his acting NFL career. The result was also his first since September 10, 2016, when he caught a 77-yard touchdown pass in Oregon’s 44-26 win over Virginia.

Since then his playing career has been on hold; In the Ducks’ following game against Nebraska — the third game of his senior season — he suffered an ACL injury.

Meanwhile, he has enjoyed a successful athletics career since recovering, finishing fifth at the 2016 Olympics, fourth at the 2020 Olympics and most recently competing at the 2022 World Championships.

“It’s hard to do what Allen did,” Sirianni said. “He hasn’t played football in a while and now he’s coming into the game. He gets into the groove right here.”

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