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For Senior Gabe Martinez, a warrior spirit means emerging. Show yourself in class, in activities, in life. In all aspects of your life it is important to have the discipline and consistency to show yourself. This is how we ultimately find success. Gabe has worked to embody this mentality in every part of his life, especially during his time at Midland.

“The most important thing is to show yourself. Midland is unique in that it requires presence for most of us, so part of the warrior spirit is there. The nice thing is that we’re all there together, and there’s something calming about that. “

Gabe has always approached his academics with a work mentality that hasn’t changed during his time at Midland. The reason for his academic success was his understanding of the job.

“If you are consistent, work hard, and take care of it, you are likely to succeed. I’ve done really well and got really good grades here in Midland, but I’m not that unearthly genius. I just think that if I work hard at it, take care of it and do my best, then I can do well and get where I want to be. “

When he first came to Midland, Gabe began majoring in athletic training. It wasn’t long before he realized that Major wasn’t right for him. After talking to Janet Lack, coordinator of the Academic Resource Center, Gabe decided to major in accounting. He hasn’t looked back since then.

“I like the career structure of accounting. I was that kid who had no idea what he was going to do and the prospect of doing accounts and seeing people who know what they were doing after school was comforting. In my freshman year, I realized that I didn’t have that one subject that I was excellent in; I was good at all of my subjects. I decided that my major should maximize my options and my time here, and the bookkeeping went with that. “

Gabe enjoys the challenge of studying accounting. As a swimmer, many of the competitive skills he has developed in his sport have helped shape his career as a student in the classroom. Gabe believes it is important for student athletes to recognize the need to put their sport to work alongside their academics. The skills developed from this go hand in hand. It all starts with doing the work for both of you.

“I always say that swimming is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but that’s the most attractive thing about this sport for me. When you face the water you never know how far you will go. It’s like an endless ocean. Swimming is so difficult and challenging when you see it, but the possibilities are endless. It can get you to college, and you can get through all of these times, but it’s also very fair where you find out what you’ve put in. This way of thinking has developed me as a person and my approach to everything. “

Gabe encourages his colleagues to develop a sense of discipline in everything they do. It can be academics, a sport, or life in general. Being disciplined in what you set out to do doesn’t mean being stiff. It means making sure that you are pushing yourself and making the right effort to succeed. It means showing yourself.

“The most important thing is to take responsibility for yourself. Don’t look for excuses. Really look at what you can improve. If you’re having a bad day or didn’t do very well on this test, don’t look at it like, ‘Oh, I’m so bad.’ Think of it like, “Oh, I have so much to improve.” I have a feeling that space for growth feels so much better than just being at the top. “

Gabe Martinez is a Senior Accounting and Math Major in Fort Collins, CO. To share your story or nominate a friend, email [email protected] or post with #FacesofMidland.


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