Golden Greek girls win gold and break world record in world rowing championships

Greek rowers Christina Ioanna Bourmpou and Evangelia Fragkou not only won gold for Greece, but also broke a new world record at the U23 women’s rowing champions pairs final in Italy.

Although they had only been training as a duo for a month, the girls “got the upper hand” early in the race and maintained the momentum all the way to the final with a new world record time of 6:58.41.

Christina Ioanna Bourmpou, fifth in this boat class at the Tokyo Olympics, sailed here with Evangelia Fragkou and they were such an impressive pairing.

In the 1000m, Greece had a comfortable lead over Lithuania in second and Canada in third place. In the third quarter, the Greek team really started to distance themselves and set a furious pace. Canada, still at 40 bpm, held off a move from Germany. In the last quarter Greece looked imperious and took gold. Canada was overtaken by Germany, which also began challenging Lithuania. It was another World Cup record, with Greece edging 0.27 seconds off the previous time set in 2019.

Lithuania took an early lead, but Canada was also very high in the score – over 50 bpm. But soon everything revolved around Greece.

[Source: World Rowing]

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