Gophers Open Season at the helm of the Mississippi Regatta


Rowing for women | 10/02/2021 4:20:00 p.m.

MINNEAPOLIS – The University of Minnesota rowing program hit the water at the Head of the Mississippi Regatta for the first time this year on Saturday morning, winning each of the three races they competed in at the event.

Hosted by the Minneapolis Rowing Club on the Mississippi River, the director of the Mississippi Regatta celebrated his 41st anniversary in 2021.

Minnesota opened the morning with the three best boats and four of the five best places in the Women’s Collegiate 4+ Race. The boat from Lindsay Eliasen, Harriet Hae, Cecilie Christensen, Ella Saunders and helmsman Adelaide Hazen Place in the race with a time of 17: 26.839, followed by Sarah Weyrauch, Kirrali Schofield, Maddie Mainwood, Zoe Adam and helmsman Megan Sampson at 17: 30.144 and Stephanie Peller, Whitney Holm, Katie Hallahan, Mallory Garfield and helmsman Miranda Cyr at 6:05:17 pm. The boat from Grace Löscher, Kaia Hilgendorf-Rost, Isabella Spitznagle, Haley campaign and helmsman Courtney Cochico finished fifth at 18: 27,812.

Maroon & Gold also led the field in the Women’s Collegiate 8+ Race behind a first place from the boat Lindsay Eliasen, Harriet Hae, Cecilie Christensen, Ella Saunders, Kirrali Schofield, Maddie Mainwood, Zoe Adam, Sarah Weyrauch and helmsman Miranda Cyr at 15: 26.472. Minnesota added a third place at 16: 05.548 Annie Moen, Whitney Holm, Melissa Bartlett, Morgan Eddins, Stephanie Peller, Natalie Döbler, Katie Hallahan, Margot Crawley and helmsman Adelaide Hazen and a fourth place at 16: 52.320 from Christina McBride, Meri Bosnic, Madeline Lange, Brooke beer tree, Avery Kotrba, Cady Isom, Casey Wempner, Addie Günther and helmsman Wren Wodek.

In Minnesota’s rookie competition, the Gophers took first and second place in the Women’s Collegiate Freshman 8+ as Mia Forouhari, Rhiannon Wilson, Molly Hennen, Sydney Hicks, Anna Stephenson, Ava Johnson, Ella Mackin, Molly Boyle and Helmsman Wren Wodek finished in 20: 15.964 before Gwyneth Picthall, Kimball Utsey, Tallulah Sweet, Jasmine Verbout, Katia Marcellus, Lindsey Grafstrom, Katarina Johanns, Lindsey Grafstrom, Maya Modelli and Steuermann Sophie Banik at 8: 32.278 p.m.

Comments from the coach
“It was great to be out there again. We haven’t had an autumn race in two years so we can get back on the water at home on a fine day in Minnesota … it was just good to be out there again. “Minnesota Head Coach Alicea Strodel called. “We have a really young squad. Of all the women who started today, only 15 of them are returning college members. If we know where to start there is a lot of potential in this group.”

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