Heavyweight and lightweight crews kick off postseason action in the Eastern Sprints

ANNAPOLIS, MD. The Navy’s No. 14 heavyweight and lightweight crew programs will compete in the 2022 Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges sprints Sunday in Worcester, Mass. at Lake Quinsigamond. The annual event hosts some of the best rowing teams from across the country in a day-long competition. Heat racing begins at 8:00 a.m. before the finale of the championship begins at 1:24 p.m. 11 different crews will compete under the Navy crew banner with six boats from the heavyweight and five from the lightweight program.

A live web stream and results will be provided for fans unable to attend the races. Follow here for the VIDEO and here for the RESULTS.

In the heavyweight division, the Navy’s eight first and second crews are tenth overall, while the third and fourth boats are seventh. One of seven teams to compete in the fifth varsity eight event, Navy ranks third in the field.

No rankings for the lightweights have been publicly announced.

spying on the opposition
The heavyweight field at the 2022 EARC Sprints includes 15 teams and consists of Boston U., Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Harvard, Holy Cross, Navy, Northeastern, Penn, Princeton, Syracuse, Wisconsin and Yale.

In the lightweight competition, nine programs will compete in Worcester with the following field: Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Harvard, Navy, Penn, Princeton and Yale.

Last Eastern Sprints competition: May 19, 2019 in Worcester, Mass.
The Navy heavyweight crew program put on a strong overall performance at the 2019 Eastern Sprints as all six competitors finished in the top 10, including medal wins by the Mids’ fifth and sixth collegiate boats. In all, Navy competed in three major and three minor finals on the Lake Quinsigamond course. As a program, Navy finished ninth overall in the Rowe Cup standings, their highest placing since 2015.

The last five Eastern Sprints (HWT)
2021 – Cancelled: COVID-19 Pandemic
2020 – Cancelled: COVID-19 Pandemic
2019 – V8 (10th) // Team (9th)
2018 – V8 (13th) // Team (12th)
2017 – V8 (14th) // Team (12th)

The Lightweight team had an even better day at Lake Quinsigamond with five top-three performances from their six boats in the Eastern Sprints. The depth of the Mids was shown as their first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth collegiate crews all walked away with medals. The Navy’s third crew highlighted the all-day action with a win in their respective classifications, while their freshman varsity placed third, their best result since 2006. The Mids placed third in the Jope Cup standings for their overall program performance.

The last five Eastern Sprints (LWT)
2021 – Cancelled: COVID-19 Pandemic
2020 – Cancelled: COVID-19 Pandemic
2019 – V8 (3rd) // Team (3rd)
2018 – V8 (5th) // Team (3rd)
2017 – V8 (7th) // Team (6th)

race schedule
8:12 a.m. – Fourth Varsity HW Eight (Yale, Harvard, Boston Univ., Navy, Syracuse, Holy Cross)
8:24 a.m. – Third Varsity LW Eight (Navy, Columbia, Georgetown, Dartmouth)
9:00 a.m. – Third Varsity HW Eight (Harvard, Dartmouth, Syracuse, Navy, Wisconsin, Penn)
9:36 am – First Varsity HW Eight (Dartmouth, Syracuse, Boston University, Navy, Holy Cross)
10:00 a.m. – First Varsity LW Eight (Navy, Cornell, Penn, Princeton)
10:36 a.m. – Second Varsity HW Eight (Brown, Harvard, Penn, Navy, Holy Cross)
10:48 a.m. – Second Varsity LW Eight (Navy, Cornell, Penn, Princeton, Dartmouth)
1:24 p.m. – Grand Final: Sixth Varsity HW Eight (Yale, Dartmouth, Navy, Harvard)
1:36 p.m. – Grand Final: Fifth Varsity LW Eight (Navy, Yale, Harvard)
1:48 p.m. – Grand Finals: Fifth Varsity HW Eight (Yale, Dartmouth, Navy, Harvard, Brown)
2:00 p.m. – Grand Final: Fourth Varsity LW Eight (Yale, Navy, Harvard, Princeton)
2:12/2:24 p.m. – Finals: Fourth Varsity HW Eight
2:36/2:48 p.m. – Final: Third Varsity LW Eight
3:00 p.m./3:12 p.m. – Finals: Third Varsity HW Eight
15:27/15:39 – Finals: Second Varsity LW Eight
15:51/16:03/16:15 – Finals: Second Varsity HW Eight
16:27/16:39 – Finals: First Varsity LW Eight
16:51/17:03/17:15 – Finals: First Varsity HW Eight

Broadcast Information (from IRA)


BOSTON, Mass. – Follow all the action online if you can’t be there in person at the Eastern Sprints (EARC) this weekend, live from Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA

EARC Championships
direct web link: https://events.local live.TV/Events/78562
Sunday May 15, 2022
8:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. (preliminaries)
1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (finals)

The NIRC Championships will be broadcast by our production partner https://.local live.TV. Please follow the registration instructions below

1. Open this link on your device: https://local live.TV
2. Click Watch Live in the top right corner of the screen
3. In the top right corner, click the little person logo to the right of the search button.
4. Sign in if you’ve been to the site before, or create an ID and password if you haven’t already. There are no fees for this shipment.
5. At the top of the screen in the middle even with local live Logo click MA (for Massachusetts)
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7. Click on the correct link for Sunday’s webcast.
8. If you miss the live broadcast, you can watch it later by clicking on “Recent Sports Events” after completing step 6

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