Herne Bay beauty spot bridge at Bishopstone Glen won’t be replaced as council does not have enough money


Council bosses say they do not have enough cash to replace a bridge at a beauty spot which was severely damaged following a landslip.

The walkway in Bishopstone Glen, near Herne Bay, has been sealed off after heavy rain caused earthfall in June.

The collapsed bridge at Bishopstone Glen
The collapsed bridge at Bishopstone Glen

It disrupted the base of the structure and ripped fencing from its place in the popular piece of woodland leading to Reculver.

Canterbury City Council has now revealed that it will remove the decrepit bridge on a date yet to be determined – and that it could cost tens of thousands of pounds to replace.

Spokesman Rob Davies said: “We plan to put permanent security fencing in place and remove the bridge, which is damaged beyond use and cannot be saved.

“Funding for this work is being looked at and Natural England consent will be required given the Glen’s status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

“We have also had to wait until after the bird nesting season is over before carrying out any work on site.

“There is no current council money for a new, smaller bridge elsewhere in the Glen but there may be external funding options and we will be pursuing these.”

The council installed fencing earlier this year to stop walkers using the dangerous section of path
The council installed fencing earlier this year to stop walkers using the dangerous section of path

Mr Davies also concedes the local authority “cannot predict what will happen in the coming winter”, but says it has “no plans to prevent any further erosion” in the area. In the run-up to June, the area had been prone to a number of landslips.

Temporary fencing was erected by the city council to prevent passers-by from stepping foot on the crumbling footpath leading to the bridge.

But some reportedly ignored the safety warnings by moving the barriers and breaking locks around the perimeter.

“Maintaining public safety at Bishopstone Glen is our priority,” Mr Davies continued.

“The temporary fencing is there to keep people out of what is a dangerous site. While most are doing so, it’s regrettable that the fencing is occasionally being damaged or moved, and we are having to replace it.

“We are working closely with residents and ward councillors via the new Friends of Reculver and Bishopstone Glen group, as well as partner groups including Kent Wildlife Trust, Birdwise and Natural England.”

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