Instagram celeb’s wife jailed for kidnapping an NJ man who ravaged him online


Bergen County-based Instagram influencer Jay Mazini’s wife was involved in a conspiracy to kidnap, threaten and terrorize a Fort Lee man who posted negative comments about him on social media, authorities said on Friday with.

Joumana Danoun, 21, of Paterson, then tried to get the victim to drop the charges, they said.

Danoun joined her husband after she was arrested Thursday at Bergen County Detention Center.

“Mazini” from Edgewater, whose real name is Jebara J. Igbara, 26, has been in county prison since the authorities were arrested in March on charges of kidnapping. An FBI detainee prevents a local judge from releasing him under bail reform.

Igbara, who had a reputation for handing out stacks of cash to random people in New York, was charged by the FBI earlier this year with defrauding some of its nearly 1 million followers out of more than $ 2 million in bitcoin in exchange for worthless transfers .

Then the kidnapping came, the local authorities said.

Igbarra picked up the 25-year-old victim on March 15 at 7-Eleven on Palisade Avenue in Fort Lee on the pretext of wanting to speak over coffee, they said.

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The victim, who apparently had devastated him online, apparently got nervous when two of Igbarra’s employees got into the 2020 Land Rover, according to a complaint filed with the Superior Court in Hackensack.

So he got out and drove off in his own car.

The crew tracked the victim, beat them and shoved them back into Igbarra’s SUV, the ad said.

They stripped him naked, held a machete to his neck, and asked the victim to remove negative social media posts made about Igbarra, it is said.

They also threatened to kill him if he went to the authorities and said a video of the kidnapping would be posted on social media if he didn’t do as he was told, the complaint said.

Then they left him and his belongings in the city of Passaic.

The victim was hospitalized with a concussion, swollen eye, left ankle injury and various other bumps, cuts and bruises, authorities said.

Two days later, Musella’s detectives and Fort Lee police, supported by a Bergen County regional SWAT team, arrested Igbara. He has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, endangering an injured victim, possession of weapons and luring, among other things.

Authorities later arrested several accomplices, including Clifton businessman Bassam Patrick Aljanadi who had repeatedly tried to bribe the kidnap victim to drop the charges, prosecutor Musella said.

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It turns out that Joumana Danoun is related to Aljanadi, Musella said on Friday.

She is charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap, manipulation of witnesses and bribery and was detained in the Bergen County Jail until a first appearance in Hackensack’s Central Judicial Processing Court on Friday, the prosecutor said.

Jebara Igbara, aka “Jay Mazini” (left), Bassam Patrick Aljanadi

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