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The first major rowing competition in a year and a half was greeted by many

On November 6th, the Canadian University Rowing Championships took place at Brock University. After over a year the COVID-19 resulted Recess, the best rowers from universities across Canada gathered to compete in the competition. There were a total of 21 schools that competed against each other for both men and women and had the chance to find out about the two Competition days.

McMaster took as one of the 21 Teams in rowing competition. You entered the tournament with a total of seven entries, what became: Mens Open 1x, Womens Lightweight 2x, Mens Lightweight 1x, Womens Open 1x, Mens Lightweight 2x, Womens Lightweight 1x and Mens Lightweight 4+.

Overall, the great Canadian rowing competition did not end well for the Marauders as they failed to reach a podium in any of their entries. The first race of the day was the Mens Open 1x, which was scheduled at 9:00 a.m. McMaster finished the 2,000 meter rowing distance in 13th place with a Time of 7: 57.717.

Unfortunately, the next two races weren’t much more successful than the first. In the second race – Women’s Lightweight 2x – the Marauders placed 11th and achieved a time of 8: 18.096 for 2,000 meters. The third event for McMaster was the Mens Lightweight 1x, which led to a 9th place for the school with a time of 7: 56.410.

Probably the greatest success that the Marauders achieved during the rowing championship was the men’s lightweight 4+ race. The team managed to qualify for the final, which is where it unfortunately fell sixth Place with a total time of 7: 00.070 over 2,000 meters. The participants in McMaster’s most successful and final race were Liam McDonald, Alex Barnes, Alex Cowman and Jack Thorpe.

Although McMaster didn’t do very well in this competition, Niko Schramm, a student at the University of British Columbia, made it onto the podium in both races over the weekend. In conversation with him, he expressed his enthusiasm to be back in the sport he loves after such a long time.

“I was so excited to be part of this competition. This COVID hiatus seemed to take me forever and I couldn’t wait to start rowing again. As a student athlete, such breaks have been affected in the past time [me] a lot and a return was urgently needed, ”explained Schramm.

Schramm also added how the COVID hiatus began for him and his colleagues.

“In 2020 there should be a lot of races in which my colleagues and I could take part. However, there was so much uncertainty about what was going to happen. [and] at some point everything had to be canceled until further notice. I was gutted, ”said Schramm

When asked about his university’s competitive capabilities compared to McMaster and other schools in Ontario, Schramm said his school didn’t have as many opportunities to prove itself on the big stage before last weekend’s big competition.

“That was [UBC’s] first big meeting in a long time. For the universities in Ontario this is a different scenario, as they have already had championships in the Ontario University Athletics and have gained some competitive experience in the run-up to this big meeting, ”explained Schramm.

“This is a different scenario for the universities in Ontario, as they have previously held Ontario University Athletics championships, so they have some competitive experience leading up to this big get-together.”

Niko Schramm, University of British Columbia rower

Schramm also spoke about the successes he had achieved in this rowing match and took second and third place in his heats.

“Personally, we were a bit disappointed with what we had achieved. We really didn’t expect anything other than a win in our heats because we worked hard to prepare as well as possible for these races. Expectations were really high as UBC has done exceptionally well in rowing competitions over the past few years. Personally, however, I’m reasonably happy with the way I’ve done. I’m just happy to be able to row again, ”said Schramm.

“I’m just happy to be able to row again”

Niko Schramm, University of British Columbia rower

Although the Canadian University Rowing Championship is over and won’t be played again until next season, the competition couldn’t be at a better time for many of the student athletes hungry for competition after a year and a half of inactivity. As the Marauders season draws to a close, there is plenty of room for optimism and improvement about the next season.

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