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MARIETTA – Marietta College will recognize 11 retiring employees with 894 years of experience at the annual Employee Service Award and Retirement Recognition Ceremony at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 10 at the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center.

pensioners are:

* Doug Anderson, Director of Legacy Library (2005-22)

* Bob Billingsley, HVAC Engineer (1995-2022)

* Wendy Bartlett, geology teacher (2007-22)

* Dottie Erb, Professor of Education, (1991-2022)

* Robin Eschbaugh, Payroll Clerk (2004-22)

* Victoria Ford, Senior Human Resources Administrator, (1991-2022)

* Roy Johnson, Systems and Services Manager (1979-2022)

* Cathy Mowrer, McCoy Professor of Education (2003-2022)

* Joyce Pennington, Administrative Coordinator (1989-2022)

*Nancy Schwendeman, Executive Coordinator (2005-22)

* Xiaoxiong Yi, Associate Professor of Political Science (1989-2021).

Also honored are: Dave Freeman, Petroleum Engineering, celebrates 30 years with Marietta; Eric Fitch, environmental science, 25 years; Tanya Jarrell, biology, 25 years old; and Peter Thayer, library, 25 years.

To be awarded:

* 20 Year Awards: Dave Brown (biology), Dennis Kuhl (physics), Ryan May (psychology), Marilee Morrow (communications), Jolene Powell (arts) and Wendy Thieman (athletics).

* 15 Year Awards: Nathan Anderson (English), Christy Burke (Education Abroad), Timothy Cokeley (Physical Plant), Aaron Cowdery (Information Technology), Ali Doerflinger (Psychology), Jim Jeitler (Chemistry), Jonna Munfield (Rise ), Linda Showalter (Library), Gi Smith (Communications and Brand Management), Joseph Straw (Library), David Torbett (Religion) and Jon VanderWal (Athletics).

* 10 Year Awards: Jordan Becker (Physical Facility), Rhonda Bumgarner (Management & Finance), Tej Gautam (Geology), Gillian Keeley (Physical Facility), Cora Pottmeyer (Physical Facility), Rakib Sarker (Oil Engineering), Kole Vivian (athletics) and Kurt Wile (athletic training).

* 5 Year Awards: Linda Adelson (Mail Office), Layne Archer (Admissions), Thomas Arison (Athletics), Jena Blair (Physical Training), Joan Borman (Administration & Finance), William Clark (Academic Affairs), Samantha Delbaugh (Student Financial Aid), Brandon Downing (History), Andrew Francis (Music), Melissa Gandor (Academic Affairs), Allen Gattis (Information Technology), Christopher Hall (College Police), Mary Herb (Communications and Branding), Nicole Hill (Admissions), Thomas Hinkle jr. (Athletics); James Karan (Business & Economics), Ann Kaufman (Education), Philip Mason (Communications and Brand Management), Malory Nadrah (Athletics), Jacob Ridgway (Physical Plant), Jennifer Rose (Copy Center), Shawn Runyon (Athletics), Caitlin Thomas (Athletics), Kayleigh Williams (Administrative & Finance), Matthew Williamson (Computer Science) and Jenni Zhang (Asian Studies).

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