Music video: Magical – Athletics (with Kali)

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Getting signed to a label run by another successful artist can often create unfair expectations. Even so, many of the artists signed to Gucci Manes 1017 Records have either met or exceeded these expectations. In the past, 1017 Records affiliated acts like Young Thug, Migos and Chief Keef have made festival headlines and topped the charts. More recently, Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano have taken and raced the 1017 record flag. You’re not the only ones on the label who will take 1017 Records to new heights, however. Hailing from Forth Worth, Texas, Enchanting makes noise while battling for the top spot.

This week, Enchanting teamed up with Kali for their new single “Track and Field“. As always, Enchanting’s unique voice cuts through the production of the song and sets the tone.

“Me and my Glock one and the same because we both have extensions / And don’t try to give your heart to me because I have bad intentions / I’m really a good girl at heart, I only make bad decisions / And I get a lot too much money to fuck with an average n * gga, “she raps.

At the end of the track, Kali steps in with a double time flow that takes the song to a new level.

“He knows not to play, this shit will cost him when I get back in / I’ve been since then,” she adds.

Track & Field is one of the many tracks you have to try this week. Listen down below.

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