Ocean City Women’s Lifeguard Invitational Set for Thursday

Participants dive into the surf during the Longport Women’s Lifeguard Races in 2019 (photo courtesy Dale Braun)

The Ocean City Beach Patrol is holding their Women’s Lifeguard Invitational on Thursday at 6:15 p.m. on 34th Street Beach.

The best female athletes from 15 to 18 beach patrols on the Jersey Shore will compete against each other at the annual event.

The five events in the competition include:

  • Rowing / Swimming: Two participants row as a double team to a flag. One swims back.
  • Paddleboard: Individual paddlers ride an M-shaped track.
  • Swimming: Individual swimmers run in a box-shaped course.
  • Layer Relay: A swimmer with flippers speeds to a flag and dips it to signal the start for a paddleboarder, who then speeds to the flag and back to the beach. The last leg of the season is a double rowing team that races to the flag and back.
  • Surf Dash: Relay teams of four races to markers placed in the surf.

The event is free and viewers are encouraged to cheer on their patrols in their hometown.

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