Paignton host first championship of the season

Paignton Rowing Club hosted the first regatta of the 2022 West of England ARA Championship season over a 1,000 meter course at Tor Bay.

Conditions for the Paignton Regatta were choppy for the 97 competitors on a sunny and windy day.

The home club, who will also host the South Coast Rowing Championships on September 10, had an exceptional day with numerous event wins and the points trophy.

Wins for Paignton crews were:

Men’s Champion Coxsquad: Steve Warrender, Ben Smith, Mike Lister, Jason Higgins, James Tookey (Coxswain).

Men’s Rookies in Cox Four: Nick Brown, Ethan Frost, Tristan Northcott, Yuri Allasia, Erin Mooney (Cox).

Men under 18 coxswain fours: Keira Brueton, Freya Martin, Oliver Chalk and Sam Brueton, Erin Mooney (coxswain).

Men under 14 with helmsman: Oliver Chalk, Hugo Dossett, Joshua Bradley, Marcus Green, Eva Birchell (helmsman).

Men’s U14 doubles sculls: Hugo Dossett, Joshua Bradley.

Rookie One of the Ladies: Keira Brueton.

Men Under 15 Singles Sculls: Sam Brueton

Men Under 16 Singles Sculls: Sam Brueton

There was also success for Torquay with Harrison Green in his very first race when he won the U16 men’s singles.

Paignton Regatta results:

Men Senior A Coxed Fours 1 Bideford Reds 2 Paignton

Men’s Senior B Coxed Four 1 Bideford Reds 2 Paignton

Men Senior C Coxed Four 1 Bideford Reds 2 Plymouth 3 Paignton

Men Novice Coxed Four 1 Paignton 2 Bideford Reds 3 Plymouth

Gentlemen under 18 Coxed Fours 1 Paignton 2 Paignton

Coxed men under 16 in sculls 1 Bideford Reds 2 Paignton

Coxed men under 14 in sculls 1 Paignton 2 Bideford Reds

Men’s Champion coxed four 1 Paignton 2 Paignton/Plymouth

Ladies Senior C Coxed Fours 1 Castle Dore 2 Plymouth

Ladies Novice Coxsquad 1 Dart Totnes 2 Castle Dore 3 Paignton

Ladies Under 18 Coxsquad 1 Dart Totnes 2

Ladies Under 16 Coxed Sculls 1 Plymouth 2 Dart Totnes 3 Castle Dore

Coxswain open scull 1 Bideford ARC 2 Paignton 3 Paignton

Open male navigable couples 1 Paignton 2 Plymouth

Men’s Senior C Double Sculls 1 Plymouth

Men’s Under 18 Double Sculls 1 Bideford Blues 2 Paignton

Men Under 15 Double Sculls 1 Bideford Reds 2 Bideford Reds

Men Under 14 Double Sculls 1 Paignton 2 Paignton

Ladies Senior C Double Sculls 1 Plymouth University 2 Paignton

Ladies Novice Double Sculls 1 Bideford Blues 2 Dart Totnes

Ladies Under 17 Double Sculls 1 Plymouth 2 Paignton

Ladies Under 16 Double Sculls 1 Dart Totnes 2 Bideford Reds

Ladies Under 15 Double Sculls 1 Plymouth 2 Castle Dore

Mixed Under 14 Double Sculls 1 Plymouth 2 Paignton

Men’s Senior C-One 1 Robin Smith – Castle Dore, 2 George Woodall – Plymouth University, 3 Rob Harris – Paignton

Men’s Rookie One 1 Barney Evans – Bideford Blues, 2 Yuri Allasia – Paignton, 3 Alex Rowland – Bideford Reds

Men under 18 One 1 Harry Fanson – Bideford Blues, 2 Barney Evans – Bideford Blues

Men U17 Ones 1 Sam Brueton – Paignton, 2 David del Rio Empran – Plymouth

Men Under 16 Ones 1 Harrison Green – Torquay, 2 Yuri Allasia – Paignton, 3 Sam Brueton – Paignton

Men Under 15 One 1 Sam Brueton – Paignton

Men Under 14 Ones 1 Isaac Fugil – Castle Dore, 2 Finley Cloak – Bideford Blues, 3 Owen Thomas – Plymouth

Ladies Senior C One Twos 1 Molly Mifsud – Dart Totnes

Women’s Rookie Singles 1 Keira Brueton – Paignton

Women’s U18 Singles 1 Grace Asquith – Castle Dore, 2 Ellie Fowlds – Dart Totnes

Women’s U16 Ones 1 Rosalie Fowler – Bideford Reds, 2 Lucy Sanders – Dart Totnes, 3 Erin Shippey – Dart Totnes

Ladies Under 15 One 1 Lexi Reeves – Bideford Blues

Meanwhile, Brixham Gig Rowing Club is extremely grateful to have recently received financial support from two companies via the website; a website that connects organizations looking for funding with organizations looking for funding.

Greene King, a Bury St Edmunds based brewery with pubs across the country, generously donated £3,000 to enable the Rowing Club to commission a new set of bespoke wooden oars for use by both men’s and women’s teams.

The oars have been ordered and will hopefully be delivered in around 8 weeks and will then be used by racing teams in regattas across Devon and Cornwall.

South West Water, were also very generous, giving £600 to help one of their club members attend a British Rowing Club coaching course.

Tony Mould, the member selected to take part, has now completed much of the course and has already put his newfound skills to good use which has been of great use to the rowing teams he has taken on the water.

Most community based sports clubs find it difficult to be as inclusive as possible, keeping annual membership fees at an affordable level while paying overhead, maintaining and buying new equipment, and Brixham Gig Rowing Club is no different.

Receiving grants from organizations like Greene King and South West Water is a fantastic boost for the club, allowing it to grow and move forward. is a great place to start when an organization is looking for funding.

It’s a simple process to submit a profile of your organization and details of a project you wish to fund, and once submitted, simply wait for your project to find a match.

Paul Goddard, Treasurer of Brixham Gig Rowing Club said: “ActionFunder is brilliant. Easy to use and it works. ActionFunder keeps you fully informed and once funding was secured, the funds came through within weeks.”

He recommends any club in the Torbay area looking for funding opportunities to take a look.

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