Pearl City Chargers celebrate winning the DII State Championship over Seabury Hall |

Today we celebrate and congratulate the great volleyball players from Pearl City Chargers who were crowned the 2022 HHSAA State Division II Boys Volleyball Champions after beating Seabury Hall 3-1 last night at Honolulu’s Blaisdell Arena.

The Champion Chargers made history last night by becoming the first Charger volleyball team (both boys and girls) to win a state volleyball championship in 50 years of Charger athletics. The Chargers came close as runners-up but never won the championship title.

Last night, the Chargers won the championship in a four-set over Maui’s Seabury Hall 31-29 22-25 25-21 25-22.

Fati Seei-Tofi led the Chargers with 16 kills. Keahi Kaneakua had 15 kills for the Chargers. Christian Ronquilio and put in another postseason standout performance with 36 assists and 19 digs. Tylus (Chargers Energizer Bunny) Williams had 4 assists and 27 digs.

Seabury Hall’s Thomas Russell led all scorers with 22 kills. Teammate Tyler Russell got 20 kills.

The 2022 history-making volleyball season was exciting to watch and so close to the action. The team‘s success begins with an outstanding coaching staff led by Charger Head Coach Sean Chang and a group of Charger teammates who set out early in the preseason to work hard and work towards the culmination of a state championship together.

Another key component to the Chargers’ success in winning both the OIA DII Championship and the HHSAA State DII Championship in 2022 is the excellent mentoring and support the players receive from Pearl City High School’s athletic coaches and athletic training facility received through the athletic department and school administration, and charger supporters and ohana.

Below are some comments from the champions celebrating their success and the moment they built a legacy for Charger athletics.

Sean Chang, Pearl City Chargers Boys volleyball head coach

“It’s such a satisfying feeling. At the beginning of the season it was probably a matter of course that we wanted to be part of this league game. But at the beginning of the season everyone says that. For us to be here, for us to actually be in this game, is a dream come true.

We knew Seabury was coming into tonight’s league game making heavy use of their outside hitters. We also knew that their wingers were really good and that if we wanted to win we had to make either block adjustments or defensive adjustments. Luckily we did enough to slow them down so we could win.

I can’t say enough good things about Tylus. He has to be in the top 3, if not in the top 5, of the best liberos in the state. He is solid when passing but can climb defensively. He will pick up balls that most people will find out of reach. As for the team, it’s more of a mentality. that even though they don’t stand a chance, they don’t give up, and their teammates don’t give up on them.

I really want to thank the players. The work they put in, the effort they put in and the dedication they have is unreal. Thanks to the coaches. I get a lot of credit, but I don’t think people see how much work my assistants do and I want to thank them. Also the sports training staff who keep our kids healthy and keep them on tape and all that stuff. Many thanks also to my family, who have supported me through all of this.”

Tiandrew Timanap, Charger MB

This feels unreal, I still can’t believe it. All season long, whenever we won a game, we went straight to the next because the work never ended. The camaraderie with the team is great. It was nothing like previous years. It was something that just amazes me because we really are like a brotherhood. It would have been really, really hard to get here without our amazing coaching staff and we probably wouldn’t have made it without them.

I want to thank my brother, my mom, my dad, my coaches and all of Pearl City High School.”

Tylus Williams, Charger Libero

“This is just a surreal moment, I have no words. I’m still on cloud nine. I can’t believe the hard work and what it took to make it, but now that it’s come this far I’m just speechless.

In a game I always tell myself to light the batsmen from the pass line and you know the sweeper, it’s their job to serve hard, it’s their job to bring the energy, their job to make the first contact . In every single game I try to shine a light on the batsmen of our passing line.

I want to thank all my coaches for the endless support. To my family for their endless support and to the Pearl City High School volleyball team.

Reid Shigemasa, athletic director of Pearl City High School

The team deserves this championship, especially Coach Sean. He’s very humble and quiet and he puts a lot of value on that and something in relation to his kids where you just play quietly. I would go insane All of that energy from Sean is transferred to the athletes and makes volleyball just happen. They would not be negatively impacted or more excited if it affected their game. Just stay on that one flat plateau and it allowed Seabury to make the mistakes and they did.





Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pearl City Chargers celebrate Ohana

DII Championship victory over Seabury Hall

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

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