Program Best Highlight 2022 IRA National Championships for Men’s Rowing

WESTWINDSOR, NJ – The Drexel University men’s rowing team put up some program bests as the Dragons competed at the 2022 IRA National Championships on Sunday.


The pioneer was the 2V8+. Drexel, competing in the Petite Final for the first time, finished sixth in the race giving the boat a best-ever IRA overall finish of 12th place. The team of Bill Ernest (helmsman), John Little (stroke), CJ Rooney, James Smith, Herbert de Cokere, Nemanja Sajatovic, Sam Valigorski, Jake Millerand Kosta Petkovic (Bow) Lois Krall II rowed in a time of 6:18.15.

The V8+ squad of Sam DeSilva (helmsman), Josh Diggons (stroke), Matt Reilly, Dimitrije Ibrocic, Damien Lisa, Michael Pazdersky, Andreas Manns, John Karenand Roman Smigiel (bow) placed fourth in the third-level finals, tying for the program’s best finish of 16th overall. The team competing in Lois Krall III crossed the finish line in 6:01.62.

Also in a third-level final, the 3V8+, Sandra Lee Scheller II rowed to fourth place and thus to 16th place overall Alex Dragovit (helmsman), Lake Watson (stroke), Nikola Loncar, Richmond Coney, Nick Perk, Sean Blair, Daniel Yurcisin, Jack Andersonand Chris Cail (Bow) spun in a time of 6:21.71.

The V4+ will compete in its finale on Saturday Matt Sherman (helmsman), Malcolm Grauley (stroke), Joe Glenn, Jack Hutchisonand Dearon Tufankjianwho competes in Dan Lyons, placed fourth in the fourth level final with a time of 6:52.331.


Uni 8+
Shell – Lois Krall III
Helmsman – Sam DeSilva
Stroke – Josh Diggons
7 – Matt Reilly
6 – Dimitrije Ibrocic
5 – Damien Lisa
4 – Michael Pazdersky
3 – Andreas Manns
2 – John Karen
bow – Roman Smigiel

Second Uni 8+
Shell – Lois Krall II
Helmsman – Bill Ernest
Stroke – John Little
7 – CJ Rooney
6 – James Smith
5 – Herbert de Cokere
4 – Nemanja Sajatovic
3 – Sam Valigorsky
2 – Jake Miller
bow – Kosta Petkovic

Third Uni 8+
Shell – Sandra Lee Sheller II
Helmsman – Alex Dragovit
Stroke – Lake Watson
7 – Nikola Loncar
6 – Richmond Coney
5 – Nick Perk
4 – Sean Blair
3 – Daniel Yurcisin
2 – Jack Anderson
bow – Chris Cail

Uni 4+
Shell—Dan Lyons
Helmsman – Matt Sherman
Stroke – Malcolm Grauley
3 – Joe Glenn
2 – Jack Hutchison
bow – Dearon Tufankjian

Alternatives: (in alphabetic order) Maxwell Frey, Emma Houghton, Carter Hubbard, zach key, Sean Williams

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