Rowing Get ready for the spring season with Murphy Cup

Rowing for women | April 1, 2022

PHILADELPHIA – The La Salle men’s and women’s rowing teams kick off their spring championship seasons Saturday morning, competing in the Murphy Cup on the Schuylkill River.

“Our theme all week has been ‘ownership’ and these two lineups of young women have made it their mission to gain speed and work together to turn their weaknesses into strengths,” said the women’s coach Kelsey Franks. “Our goal for the Murphy Cup is to put everything we have on the court and own every shot.”

The women have two collegiate boats who compete throughout the morning, while a total of four four-boat men (three collegiates, one freshman) will compete in the spring campaign opening event. The newest boat, Sean A. Hughes, ’92, will make her debut on the water at 1:34 p.m. in the Men’s Freshman 4+ event

“Men have taken ‘Character Matters’ to heart and will be running this race in honor of Sean A. Hughes, ’92,'” said the men’s coach Ivo Krakic. “The Murphy Cup is a great opportunity to show what we’ve been working on and the speed we’re at at the moment! We hope to see you by the river!”

The full lineup and race schedule for the Explorers is below.

Uni 4+: 9:40 a.m
C – Trevor Fawcett

S – Jimmy McInerney
3 – Joe Hunter
2 – Shawn Donohue
B – Jacob Weiss

2nd Uni 4+: 9:48 am
C – Elizabeth Boyle

S – Johann Kroll

3 – Carson Browne

2 – Jared DeFoney

B – Ethan Hack

3approx Uni 4+: 9:56 am
C – Virgil Isola
S – Thomas Sady
3 – Tyler Lancaster
2 – Jack Kasyanski
B – Bobby Cuvello

Uni 8+: 10:04 am
C – Maddy Clune
8th – Angela Hallinan
7 – MeganLyon
6 – Natalie Dee
5 – Kate Vasey
4 – Clare Cornish
3 – Melissa Russo
2 – Lily Henshaw
1 – Avery Morris

2nd Uni 8+: 11:00 a.m
C – Brisa Barrios
8th – Emma James
7 – Izzie Stevens
6 – Sarah Scheid
5 – Audrey Allen
4 – Megan Thedinga
3 – Olivia Rotondo
2 – Georgia Vaughn
1 – Kyra Baldassara

Newbie 4+ Sean A Hughes: 1:34 p.m
C – Dominik Mazza
S – Nick O’Neill

3 – Viktor Susic
2 – Elmo van Olm

B – Joel Bevenour

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