SAHS Arceneaux inducted into Athletic Trainer Hall of Fame | Pelikan Post


With great Gator pride, we congratulate Scott Arceneaux, Director of Sports Medicine at STA, who is inducted into the LATA Hall of Fame (Louisiana Athletic Trainers’ Association) tonight.

Coach Arceneaux is a highly decorated secondary school athletic trainer. He has been very active in LATA as President, Past President, Member of the LATA Secondary School Committee, Member of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and the Task Force of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), to name a few. In 2002, Arceneaux worked with BESE to introduce the Athletic Trainer as a CTE instructor, opening the door to a large influx of secondary schools to employ Athletic Trainers.

In 2013, Coach Arceneaux was named SEATA High School Athletic Trainer of the Year. Arceneaux was instrumental in getting ACT 259 into Louisiana law in 2020, prompting BESE to implement best practices for contingency action plans, cold water immersion, heat acclimatization, and coach training. Through the efforts of the Louisiana TUFSS Group, Louisiana has advanced from 42nd to 7th place in state sports policy. Coach Arceneaux is the only Athletic Trainer to have received the Louisiana High School Coaches Association’s Distinguished Service Award.

Coach Arceneaux’s focus was on improving the secondary school environment for all sports coaches. Together with others he gave the go-ahead for the Safe Sports School Award and the ATLAS project. Coach Arceneaux really values ​​relationships. These relationships have helped advance the profession of athletic training, the Exercise Act, Concussion Act, and Serious Sports Injury Act. Congratulations, coach Arceneaux! We are so proud of you! #gatorpride




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