Strong performance of the men’s row at the Las Vegas Invitational

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Drexel University men’s rowing team opened its spring season with a strong performance at Sunday’s Las Vegas Invitational.

In two head-to-head races for the varsity 8+, the Dragons emerged victorious in both. DU opened the day, edging Oregon State by just over a second before comfortably defeating Santa Clara in their next duel of the morning.

The Drexel V8+ finished second in his only three-team race of the day, beating Santa Clara but placing behind Cal.

The 2V8+ boat had a trio of three-team races. The Dragons opened the day in second place behind Cal but ahead of Oregon State. In his second race, DU won, beating Santa Clara by more than 12 seconds and 16 seconds ahead of San Diego. At the last event, Drexel finished second, behind Cal and ahead of San Diego.

The Dragons are back in action on Saturday, March 19 when they return to Philadelphia to face off against Villanova and La Salle at the Schuylkill River.

Drexel vs. Oregon State

State of Oregon – 5:55.38

Drexel versus Santa Clara

Drexel 6:12.27
Santa Clara 6:19.20

Drexel versus Cal/San Diego

Cal 5:57.59
Drexel 6:25.00
San Diego 6:32.78

Drexel vs. Cal/Oregon State

State of Oregon – 6:13.91

Drexel versus Santa Clara/San Diego

Drexel 6:30.70
Santa Clara 6:42.62
San Diego 6:46.30

Drexel versus Cal/San Diego

Cal 6:10.07
Drexel 6:29.47
San Diego 6:58–92

Men’s Uni 8+

helmsman – Sam DeSilva

stroke – John Karen

7 – Nikola Loncar

6 – Josh Diggons

5 – Andreas Manns

4 – Nemanja Sajatovic

3 – Matt Reilly

2 – Dimitrije Ibrocic

Bow – Roman Smigiel

Second varsity men 8+

helmsman – Bill Ernest

stroke – Lake Watson

7 – CJ Rooney

6 – Michael Pazdersky

5 – Damien Lisa

4 – James Smith

3 – Nick Perk

2 – Richmond Coney

Bow – Sam Valigorsky

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