Team Canada’s eight-person rowing team returns home with gold



Canada’s eight-row women’s rowing team returned after a very special moment at the Olympic Games 2020.

The team returned home from Tokyo late last night and smiled through masks as they stepped off the plane with valuable cargo.

For the first time in 29 years, Canada’s eight-member women’s rowing team won gold in the Olympics.

The team landed at Victoria International Airport at 11:30 p.m. Despite this late arrival, friends and family are still there to welcome you home.

“It’s really cool to live on that legacy,” said Christine Roper, a member of the crew.

The team crossed the finish line in Friday’s final on the Sea Forest Waterway in five minutes and 59 seconds, keeping New Zealand behind by just 0.91 seconds.

“I just remember being shocked like someone was pinching me, is that a dream? Am i sleeping Wake me up, ”said Roper.

Roper was a member of the crew that narrowly missed the podium at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and she knew competing in Tokyo would be another challenge.

We knew Tokyo was going to get very hot, so throughout the year we tried a lot to prepare, exercise in the heat and get our bodies to adapt and tried to find strategies to overcome this challenge added Roper.

The crew flew to Japan on July 1st and had a few weeks to prepare and train. When they got to the venue, the heat felt almost normal.

Roper says winning gold is a high point of her life, but what made it really special was bringing it home with her team.

“There is no one I would rather be on the starting line with,” said Roper. “No other Olympian before or after us will be able to say that he went to games like us. We had an absolutely great time, I have lifelong memories, friends, bonds. But the best is definitely the medal. “

Right now, says Roper, the team is taking much-needed time off, putting their feet up, spending time with family and friends, and sucking up everything.

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