The Aviron Impact Series rowing machine is perfect for your home gym



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It seems like our fitness game dips with the weather every fall and winter. But this is the perfect time to upgrade your home gym so you can keep your summer fitness gains well into the holiday season. An important element to have in your home gym is a HIIT-focused weight training rowing machine. In contrast to cycling or running, rowing is an efficient cardio and strength workout that uses over 80% of your muscles for whole body sweat. Our choice? the Impact series rowing machine from Aviron, which channels your competitive urge through games so that you keep coming back, sweaty workout after sweaty workout.

Unlike other connected fitness machines that focus on instructor-led workouts, the Aviron rower focuses on competitive camaraderie through fully animated video games, AI-guided strength training workouts, and social features that complete the experience. Aviron is a connected, playful rowing machine that uses video games to open up your competitive side and keep your mind occupied while you sweat. Nike master trainer JC Cook said that “the machine felt really smooth, the games were interactive and piqued my interest, it didn’t even feel like I was training”.

Now, with the introduction of the Impact Series, you can get the same commercial quality and experience that Aviron has been providing commercial customers like Gold’s Gym, YMCA, The University of Central Florida, and Nike HQ since 2018 in the comfort of their own home. Redesigned with a patented folding function for easy storage, but with the same internal components and technology, this machine doesn’t disappoint.

These rowing machines come with 22-inch, high-resolution video game quality touchscreens that allow you to play games that will help you achieve your goals and get better over time. You can compete against others from around the world in live peer-to-peer racing modules or your fitness against professional athletes and Olympians in the Pros vs. Joe’s category. Climb up the leaderboard to clear most of the bugs with every hit or win the zombie apocalypse game by delivering the vaccine – every game and program is a true adventure and with monthly content releases you will never get the new one Run out workouts that you can try.


the Impact series rowing machine Not only does it provide great high-intensity interval cardio, but you can use it for strength training too. Aviron is designed with dual magnetic and air resistance (while most rowing machines use one or the other or water as a resistance mechanism). That means you can jump to the Guided Programs category, choose one of hundreds of strength training workouts, and the machine will walk you through exercises like biceps curls and back rows. At level 16 you can pull up to 100 lbs. Resistance with every hit. That’s a lot more than just a bike or treadmill can accomplish in your home.

At the end of the day, you can rely on that Impact series rowing machine to get amazing high intensity interval workouts (HIIT) and strength training sessions to keep you busy while you sweat. And with unlimited profiles allowed on any device, it’s great for yourself or the whole family. This is a strong, versatile, and well-built device that is easy to set up in your home and folds up and stows away for easy viewing when not in use.

If you’re looking to bring new gadgets into your home, we don’t recommend that Impact series rowing machine enough to make the profits you’ve always wanted. An Aviron rowing machine is a great centerpiece for your home gym this fall. Choose one for the efficient and versatile on-demand workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Get it: Get the Impact Series Rower ($ 2,199) at Aviron

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