The Leeds women’s rowing team wins gold at the British Rowing Masters Championship



Left to right: Kate Riley, Naomi Assame, Kate O'Connell, Steph Bew

Left to right: Kate Riley, Naomi Assame, Kate O’Connell, Steph Bew

Kate Riley, Steph Bew, Naomi Assame and Kate O’Connell traveled to Nottingham to compete in the championships at the National Water Sports Center.

It was their first major race since the pandemic and although they were unable to train properly due to limitations, they beat all odds and won gold in the Women’s Masters C Coxless Quad.

The women all work in the health and care industries and have had to juggle the challenges that Covid brought with it.

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After the restrictions were lifted, they targeted two water sessions per week and two to three training sessions on land per week.

The Leeds Rowing Club team defeated Twickenham, Putney Town and Trentham in a straight final.

Kate O’Connell, Director of the Leeds Strategic Workforce and Health and Care Academy, said, “Myself and the three other rowers are part of a friendly, supportive (and competitive!) Women’s Masters Squad at the Leeds Rowing Club.

“We’ve been rowing together for a long time and despite the COVID restrictions, which were an obvious physical barrier to training, we stayed in close contact and supported one another.

“Rowing has really been a lifeline for us over the past 15 months – it has motivated us to maintain our physical health, promote spiritual well-being, and offer friendship to many in an isolating time.

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved in such a difficult time. We are very happy to bring home the gold for Leeds! “


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