The men’s rowing rounds off the autumn campaign with a race day with four events


FAIRFAX STATION, VA– The St. Mary’s rowing team prepared for the final competition of the fall season 2021 on Saturday at the Head of Occoquan. The meeting was held at Sandy Run Regional Park in Fairfax Station Virginia. St. Mary’s attended four different events during the day but did not come home with the desired results.

A boat starts early on the water

How it happened

  • The men’s rowing participated in four competitions.
    • 01B: Men’s lightweight 1X
    • 03A: College uni men 8+
    • 06A: Collegiate Frosh / Novice men 8+
    • 07A: Men’s College College 4+
  • Andrew Seitzman opened the competition for the Seahawks in the Men’s Lightweight 1X. Seitzman was last at 24:59:40.
  • The second race for the Seahawks turned out to be just as tough as the Collegiate Varsity Men’s 8+, which occupied the ninth of eleven competing teams. The Hawks crossed the target in 19: 26.63.
  • Event 06A was the best performance of the St. Mary’s Men so far. The St. Mary’s landed directly behind the rival of Cathloic University and took seventh place among the 12 participating teams.
  • The Seahawks competed in the Men’s Collegiate Varsity 4+ to end the day. St. Mary’s took a second, ninth place at 8:52 PM. Andrew Seitzman led his team at the helmsman to beat Susquehanna, who crossed the finish line last.


The Men’s Rowing closes its fall campaign with a lot to learn for the next season. While the team did not get the results they had hoped for, the Seahawks showed a strong and consistent presence on race day and are ready to do the work for the next season.

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