The women’s varsity team conducts two 1,000-meter dashes against the USCGA

CLEMSON, SC – The RIT women’s team teams kicked off the spring row against the United States Coast Guard Academy on Friday.

The women’s RIT Varsity Eights won the first two legs with times of 3:50.4 and 3:44.6, while finishing the third leg in a best-of-three with times of 3:32.1. Finished second in the 1,000-meter dash.

RIT Women’s Varsity Eight Boat Included Michelle Carney, Natalie Siwek, Paige Matton, Velvet Howland, Margaret Carey, Liz Stueblen, Jenna Olivieri, Eliza Pappe and Zoe Prince.

The RIT women’s second varsity eights finished behind the USCGA second varsity eights with times of 4:12.2, 3:59.9 and 3:43.0.

The RIT women’s second varsity eight boat for the first two races consisted of Emma Goetzke, Nikola Russek, Mia Leone, Rebekah Harris, Sophia Gorton, Olivia Heinrich, Lydia Blatnik, Izzy Moyer and Lily Gaffney.

The RIT women’s second varsity eight boat for the third race consisted of Cailey Shaughnessy, Nikola Russek, Mia Leone, Izzy Moyer, Mikaela Simpson, Jenna Robinson, Amy Fasnacht, Jolie Crunelle and Arden Conybear.

The Women’s Crew begins action in the Liberty League vs. University of Rochester at Genesee Valley Park on Saturday, April 2 at 9:00 am.


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