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Here’s your recap of what may in many ways be the biggest collegiate and youth rowing weekend of all spring – and the row2k gallery count for it all is 44 and counting.

(By the way, if you want to see the rest of GW’s rather epic tunnel antics showcased in the photo above, the sequence starts here.)

All that racing meant we saw a lot:

Trophy pics and poses…

BU women

Featuring 10 D1 women’s championships plus the combined Pac 12 championship, men’s sprints, western sprints, the GNAC championship and a bunch of youth and school championships – trophies and trophy pictures for days.

Six (and Seven) Across Racing…

Helmsman and coach throw …

We need more of this on Instagram folks, but until then, settle for our favorite sequences from the weekend:

Caddyshack-Caliber Downpour…

Dad Vail Deluge

Dad Vail Deluge

Medalists… and missing medalists?

Sarasota Youth 7?

Sarasota Youth 7?

Clever solution to “We can’t find Bobby” from these Sarasota folks.

Wrote some history…

Which begs the question: does it row2k summary the opposite of sports illustrated cover curse?

…and saw some history…

Yes, that’s about 100 years of coaching in that one tweet.

Selfies and taking pictures of selfies…


Yours (and note the mirror effect):

Actual selfie thanks to JU senior Emma Schulok, 2022 MAAC champion

Actual selfie thanks to JU senior Emma Schulok, 2022 MAAC champion

The selfie game has been going strong for newly minted champions from coast to coast everywhere.

Atlantic coast [Conference] master

Banner Selfie

Banner Selfie

Pac[ific Coast] 12 masters

Trophy Selfie

Trophy Selfie

Co(ast)lonial Champs:

And… venue trash talking?

Is that the case now?

For the record, only one championship venue had a race delay caused by, ahem, debris at the venue – this one.

Other hits of the weekend:

Hey look, the USRowing logo

Oh wait a minute…

No regatta in Philly until…

Locals are starting to wonder when Kelly Drive is gonna fucking open again:

Schuylkill native, on the DV Medals dock

Schuylkill native, on the DV Medals dock

“Don’t believe everything you hear on TV”

Otherwise, almost impeccable ESPN+ announcers: “Brown Wins”. . . which looked like this:

And then came the “Oh wait…” but no one was listening – whoops.

(We tried to explain all the confusion in our Ivies report, but it was, well, confusing.)

The 4 without tax officials?

Coach Bergman Back on BH Row

Coach was in town for his induction into the UPenn Hall of Fame.

wrestler of the week

Discover the Olympian in this lineup:

Rudder Hack? Or new drill?

Or just really solid advance planning in case of a win?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This is definitely a regatta version of national team riders going into the finals with a flag in the boat for the medal dock pics.

It’s not a rumour

Before we get to the actual rumors, here’s one thing that’s absolutely true: the first person to show up at the line (except for this one program) at a regatta that we’re photographing wear that gets a free row2k shirt and hat so, um, get yours today?

Rumors & hearsay from the past week

  • “Who do you have: Minnesota or Drexel?” — Philly firefighters on safety patrol in the Vails, passing the time by placing bets on each other on the races; It’s been a while since we’ve bet on races on the Schuylkill!
  • Are countless full-volume F-Bombs required when making multiple trips to the medal dock in big men’s races? If 2021 IRA and 2022 Sprints are any evidence, then yes. These are family events, so maybe we should consider deleting the damn f-bombs (and if that reads inappropriately, get our point).
  • Not all trophies are real trophies: let’s hear it for the “stand-in cup” that had many appearances if you look closely at the galleries but gave every crew something to hold and raise!

The row2k top results of the week

Important results this week? Pretty much all, but if you’d rather skip the results page:

Check out these articles you may have missed over the past week:

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