UBC women’s rowing wins the Canadian University Rowing Championships, men’s squad takes silver


Under sunny skies, crews from across the country gathered at the Welland International Flatwater Center for the Canadian University Rowing Championships (CURC) 2021, hosted by Brock University from November 6-7.

The Thunderbirds Women’s Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) won the fourth national title and the third title in a row with a total of 114 points; the men’s team of the University of Victoria Vikes won their first title with 114 points.

In the women’s final races, the Thunderbirds eventually held the Vikes (104) and Western Mustangs (93). In the men’s final, the Vikes finished eight points ahead of the Thunderbirds (106) and the Brock Badgers (87).

The UBC women rode a patient and constant regatta to win a total of six medals (two gold, three silver and one bronze) in all six disciplines, but the pressure grew when it came to the final race of the day: the eight of the day Women, where UBC overtook Victoria by six milliseconds.

“We did a good job staying in the pack all day but it culminated in an incredible race for our women in the round of 16,” said the UBC women head coach Craig Pond. “Overall, today’s day was worth it. This result reflects the depth of our program.”

CURC 2021

The eight of the T-birds were a mixture of experience. The crew consists of three veterans and a number of women who have never competed at CURC, and Jessica Sevickwho recently rejoined the team after recovering from participating in women’s doubles at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

CURC 2021

The UBC eight consists of stroke Sally Jones, Ellie Sousa, Jessica Sevick, Katie Clark, Laura Stankiewicz, Claire Brillon, Julia Tancon, Bow Freeman Anna and helmsman Alexandra Birkenshaw.

After winning the last four consecutive Canadian University Rowing Championships, the UBC Thunderbirds rowing team narrowly missed their fifth straight title, but settled for the silver medal after being just eight points behind the Victoria Vikes rowing team, which earned their first national crown fetched. This also included the fact that Vikes head coach Aalbert Van Schothorst was named coach of the year in the men’s program.

“Every time one of our boats crossed the line, it reinforced the belief that we could do this and made people feel that it was possible,” said Van Schothorst. “We had an opportunity to recalibrate last year and we have a growing group of student-athletes who are calibrating with a performance mentality. It’s an exciting place to do is try to get out of your way. “

The Thunderbirds and Vikes exchanged results throughout the day, with UBC taking three gold, one bronze, fourth and sixth places. The UVic men’s team also won a total of three gold medals, but was a bit more consistent and took silver and two fourth places.


In the penultimate race of the day, the easy fours (4+) overtook Vikes Brock by two seconds and won their first gold medal since 1997.

The boat includes Matthew Thompson, Jordan MacDougall, Patrick Keane, Giancarlo DiPompeo and helmsman Riley Raso.

“This group knew they had the opportunity to join our program and make history,” said Van Schothorst. “Our seat races were so close that we had six or seven others who could have been in this boat. The depth is there. I think our easy male double inspired them.”

Thompson and DiPompeo delivered a strong performance in the men’s lightweight when they narrowly defeated Brock by seven milliseconds.

Victoria’s Piper Battersby was named Rower of the Year and UBC’s Liam Smit was named Rower of the Year.

Liam Smit Rower of the Year 2021

Battersby conquered the women’s open singles in seven minutes, 54 seconds and one millisecond. She also served as a stroke to help the Vikes win silver in the Women’s Open 8 (8+).

Smit won two gold medals when he won the men’s open singles (7: 04.2) and helped the men’s open eight (8+) to a first place (5: 45.7).

Jane Gumley from Victoria and Stu McKenzie from Ottawa were named co-winners of the Women’s Program Coach of the Year Award.

The President’s Award went to Philip Hedrei von McGill, which is presented to an individual who has gone beyond measure to support university rowing.

Brock, UBC, Victoria and Western deployed the most boats, 12 entries each, while Toronto and Queen’s deployed 11 and 10 crews respectively.

Individual main awards
Rower of the Year – Piper Battersby (Victoria)
Rower of the Year – Liam Smit (UBC)
Women’s Program Coach of the Year (Co-Winner) – Jane Gumley (Victoria) and Stu McKenzie (Ottawa)
Coach of the year in the men’s program – Aalbert Van Schothorst
Presidential Prize – Philip Hedrei (MURC)

Final stand of women
UBC, 114
Victoria, 104
Western, 93
Queen, 80
Skirt, 50
Ottawa, 46
Toronto, 41
Trento, 40
Welf, 36
MURC, 35
Calgary, 32nd
Dalhousie, 22
StFX, 21
Laurentian, 10th
McMaster, 9th
Saskatchewan, Jan.
Ontario technology 6
Carleton 5

Final score of the men
Victoria, 114
UBC, 106
Skirt, 87
Queen, 80
West, 75
Carleton, 41
MURC, 29
Toronto, Jan.
StFX, 22
McMaster, 20th
Welf, 16
Calgary, Dec.
Trento, 11
Waterloo, 9
Dalhousie, 7
Ottawa, Jan.
Nipiss, 6

Women’s medal race
Easy double for women
1 Western – 7:21:08; 2 UBC- 7:25.21; 3 women – 7: 28.68

Ladies Open Couple
1 Victoria – 7:36.93; 2 UBC- 7: 44.89; 3 Westerns – 7: 50.69

Ladies lightweight four (4+)
1 Western – 7: 12.8; 2 women – 7: 14.9; 3 UBC- 7:18:34

Women’s Open Singles
1 Victoria – 7:54.12; 2 UBC- 7: 57.65; 3 Trento – 7: 58.39

Easy single for women
1 UBC – 8:00:02; 2 Victoria – 8: 03.73; 3 Laurentian – 8: 15.78

Ladies Open Eight (8+)
1 UBC- 6:21.15; 2 Victoria- 6:21.76; 3 women – 6: 38.81

Men’s medal race
Men’s Open Singles
1 UBC- 7: 04.27; 2 women – 7:08:02; 3 MURC – 7:09:57

Easy single for men
1 Victoria – 7:18:14; 2 women – 7:23.61; 3 Westerns – 7: 30.54

Men Open Eight (8+)
1 UBC-5: 45.77; 2 Victoria – 5: 48.71; 3 women – 5: 52.54

Easy double for men
1 Victoria – 6:43.20; 2 Skirt – 6: 43.90; 3 UBC- 6: 48.70

Men’s Open Couple
1 UBC- 6: 48.65; 2 women – 6: 53.05; 3 Westerns – 6: 53.76

Men’s lightweight four (4+)
1 Victoria – 6:30.91; 2 Skirt – 6:33:04; 3 Westerns – 6: 36.43

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