USC Women’s Rowing defeats UCLA in Crosstown Dual

Rowing for women | March 13, 2022

MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA. – The USC women’s rowing team defeated UCLA 3.5-3 in annual doubles on Sunday (May 13). This victory over the Bruins extends USC’s overall record in the contest against UCLA to 19-1. The Trojans were presented with the inaugural Amy Fuller Kearney-Lori Guerro Azbill Trophy for the UCLA-USC City Dual after the regatta. The Amy Fuller Kearney-Lori Guerro Azbill Trophy commemorates former USC assistant coach Lori Guerro Azbill and longtime UCLA coach Amy Fuller Kearney.

“Today was another great day of racing,” said the head coach josh adam. “Thank you to UCLA for hosting a great regatta. And it was fun to drive for the first trophy for this duel. Our depth in the 3V8, 1V4 and 2V8 has shown how far we have come in a year. The 1V8 race was a tough one from start to finish. We’ve made some adjustments over the past week and have learned quite a bit about how those adjustments have been implemented in racing. We’ll see UCLA again in two weeks at the Crew Classic along with some other great Crews. It’s early season racing; but as always, the PAC-12 conference is at full speed.”

A list of boat trips and end times is below.

The dual was scored using the following system: the varsity eight race was worth three points, the second varsity eight race was worth two points, the varsity four was worth one point, and the third varsity eight was worth half a point.

The Third Varsity Eight hit the water first, defeating UCLA’s boat by a crucial nine seconds. USC’s finishing time of 6:48.23 gave them the first half point of the day.

The Varsity Four race was next on the water. Trojan’s crew defeated Bruin’s crew by a whopping 14 seconds. USC’s finishing time of 7:14.48 secured a point.

Next, boats Trojan and Bruin Second Varsity Eight prepared to compete. The second boat of the Trojan Eight took first place with a time of 6:35.45, earning the Trojans two more points.

The Varsity Eight ended the morning’s race as the Trojans fell a second behind the Bruins. USC’s finishing time of 6:13.90 gave the Bruins their only three points of the day. Making USC’s final score of three and a half points to UCLA’s three points.

The Women of Troy are now preparing to travel to San Diego, California. for the San Diego Crew Classic on March 26th and 27th.

Marina del Rey, California
Sunday March 13, 2022

1 6:12.29UCLA 1 6:35.45 U.S.C 1 6:48.23 U.S.C 1 7:14.48 U.S.C
2 6:13.73 U.S.C 2 6:41.21UCLA 2 7:57.38 UCLA 2 7:28.90 Washington

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