USC Women’s Rowing Varsity Eight triumphs over No. 3 Washington at the Lake Las Vegas Invitational

Rowing for women | March 06, 2022

LAS VEGAS–After being delayed a full day due to weather conditions, the USC women’s rowing team put on a strong performance in their first official race of the season as the Varsity 8+ defeated Washington’s No. 3 1V8 boat at the Lake Las Vegas Invitational.

Three other Trojan boats competed in the regatta, held March 6 on Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nev. The Second Varsity 4+ also defeated Washington, while the Varsity 4+ and Second Varsity 8+ finished second behind the Huskies.

“This regatta was a total team effort. Today was a great testament to the trust that exists within this Trojan Rowing family,” said head coach Josh Adam. “We would like to thank Jim Anderson and the Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club for a great regatta. Additionally, we were supported by a great support team at USC and with us locally in Las Vegas. Washington are a strong team and so are we. I am very grateful that I can stay one more day and race against them today. It was a great first step into the 2022 season. We still have a lot to do but it was a great way to move the season forward.”

A full list of times and boat trips is below.

The Women of Troy competed against crews from the #3 ranked University of Washington. The Trojan boats were also originally scheduled to compete against Washington State boats, but due to the postponement, Washington State had to withdraw its crews from the regatta.

The morning started with the Second Varsity 4+ race. The Trojan boat passed Bella DeBenedetti and caressed Ezi Emenike First place ahead of Washington with a time of 7:57.60.

The varsity 4+ landed on the water next, pushed past Lilian Lau and caressed Chiara Meakin. The Trojans finished second in that race behind Washington with a finishing time of 7:51.69.

The Second Varsity 8+ was next on the water, coached over Olivia Lau and caressed Celia Marino. The Women of Troy placed second with a finishing time of 6:51.52.

Finally, the varsity 8+ closed out the morning. pushed over Eden Cooper-Squires and caressed Jenna van de GriftUSC took first place with a finishing time of 6:37.50 against No. 2 Washington.

The Women of Troy now turn their attention to crosstown rivals UCLA. The Trojan crew will face off against the Bruin crew at the UCLA boathouse in Marina del Ray, California.

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