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Canucks superstar Elias Pettersson returned to Vancouver this week while negotiations on his second contract continued.

In case you were tempted to read something positive about Pettersson’s return to Vancouver, or assumed that it might have been an indicator of his desire to kick off training camp with his teammates, Pettersson’s stay wasn’t long.

Sources from Pettersson’s camp confirmed to The Athletic Monday night that downtown Canucks has already left Vancouver. He’s flown to Michigan to be with his teammate and his undesignated restricted free agent Quinn Hughes.

Hughes and Pettersson are both represented by Pat Brisson and JP Barry of the Creative Artists Agency and are close friends off the ice. They will stay in Michigan together, training, and preparing for the coming season while they wait for a solution in contract negotiations.

Pettersson and Hughes share a pre-season training program and reinforce a unique dynamic that underpins these contract talks. It is not uncommon for top players to go straight to the network in second contract talks – or even to miss large parts of the training camp and the preseason. These offers are complex. In fact, the second contracts have become the most complicated for teams, agents, and players alike.

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