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The Pacific University women’s rowing team begins their early morning practice by meeting at the Stoller Center, loading into a team van, and driving to the lake. Unlike any other sports program, the rowing team can watch the sun rise from their boats during early morning practice on Henry Hagg Lake. Sunlight peeks out from behind the trees and glitters on the calm water.

“The mornings when the fog lifts off the water at sunrise bring an element of calm to the team, and the sunsets with the pink clouds reflected in the water are not what you would experience on campus” said head coach Charlotte Copp.

First-year head coach Charlotte Copp wants to add as many prospects as possible this spring to be more competitive and get more boats on the water. The team got off to a rocky start due to coaching changes and COVID-19. The program is in a renaissance phase and has already tripled in size since the last 2021 season. The team is looking forward to the start of the season.

Interested student athletes have the opportunity to complete a trial period in February. A team roster is scheduled to be finalized on March 1 in preparation for the competition, but exceptions will be granted by contacting the head coach ([email protected]).

Pacific University students are welcome to join the Women’s Rowing Team with no experience required. Coach Copp is passionate about teaching people to row and wants to continue expanding the program.

“I will pick you up from where you are and I love teaching people to row because I believe it is a sport like no other and you have to try it before you know if it is something for you,” said Copp.

The rowing team has adopted a growth and learning mentality that encourages athletes to learn, have fun and train. The Boxer rowing team looks forward to building a strong team culture and looks forward to getting closer to that goal.

“They want more people on the team because they understand how special the sport is and want to share that,” Copp said. “You know, the more people we have, the more competitive we become.”

-Emily Rutkowski


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